Feeling rough…


My brother was in town for 2 days, which is always nice. The kids love it when we have company. Especially their uncles. We always have wicked good fun. However, with several empty wine bottles and a kicked bottle of gin, Im feeling more than rough today. I have 2 baking related posts. But no ambition to sit down and git ‘er done. So, I promise (to my one actual reader, you know who you are 😉 ) to have them up by late tonight at the latest. The digital cam battery is on the fritz and doesnt want to hold a charge. Charging her up right now so I can take pics of this mornings hung over baking adventure. And Im not even sure hung over is the proper term. Because I have a feeling I was still partially drunk when I woke up. Okay, off to rehydrate. BBL with new stuff.


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