Liar, Liar


I will not have the new baking posts up by tonight. I had very good intentions, but admittedly, I havent even downloaded the pictures to my franken-mac. (My ancient ibook thats falling apart, duct tape has been used. shameful..I know. Its been dubbed franken-mac. I have been told to get a new one. But I refuse until this old gal breathes her last breath.) I did check the camera twice today, and both times it barely held a charge. I smell a trip to best buy for a new battery coming up. So, I know I promised. I am a liar, liar pants on fire. I could throw a bunch of excuses out. But really its because I was lazy, have a hangover and was busy watching season 2 of The Office all afternoon. So… I wholeheartedly intend to get them up tomorrow. (I will not promise, Ive learned my lesson.)


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