Cupcake lovers of the world UNITE!



Do you think your The Next Cupcake Hero?

Well, let’s see your skills! Each month a theme ingredient will be named. The theme ingredient must be used in either the cupcake, the frosting, the filling or all of the above if you choose. Simple enough? I think so.

With Cupcake Hero growing by leaps and bounds, we decided to use the Peanut Butter Dulce de Leche, from Blake Makes, as a Special Edition of CH. This allows us to still choose a theme for April, allowing all of you who did not win a sugary sweet jar of PBDDL to still bake your butts off this month. Does that make everyone happy? I hope so. WHINERS!

I let my fab partner in crime, TW choose the theme ingredient for April. We went back and forth, as we normally do. Then, I gave in. She says I didn’t put up enough of a fight. I think she just caught me during a moment of weakness. Regardless, this was her idea. While I think its a fabulous one, in case anyone hates it (If you do hate it, something is wrong with you), I am making sure you know its TW’s idea.

The theme for April is:

The theme ingredient for April is Earth Day!

That’s right, for April, Cupcake Hero is celebrating Earth Day! We are asking that you make cupcakes with Earth Day in mind. Make them green, make them organic, make them healthy, most of all, make them creative!!! Ingredients are up to you this month, as long as your cupcakes celebrate Earth Day.

If you want to participate, send me your cupcakery to CupcakeHeroStaff AT gmail DOT com by April 30.

  • Name
  • Your blog name and URL*
  • Link to your Cupcake Hero entry
  • Picture of your cupcakery (250 width is preferred)

This month the theme is Earth Day, you choose the ingredients! Just make sure they agree with Earth Day.

Winner receives a super cool Cupcake Hero t-shirt. Nothing says “I’m a Winner!” like a t-shirt. Winner will also receive a special prize that will be announced in another post. Yes, its that special. Be on the look-out!

I reply to every entry via email. If you dont get a “thank you” email from me, I did not get your entry. Please send it again, or say “HEY! Did ya get my cupcake or not?” I want to make sure everyone that bakes for the Hero is included!

*If you don’t have a blog just email me your name, recipe, picture and notes and I will post it for you.


Sign up to be part of The Crew. I will be doing theme ingredient giveaways in the coming months. You must be part of The Crew to be eligible.

47 thoughts on “Cupcake lovers of the world UNITE!

  1. SimplePleasures and Cusinero Ge,

    Admittedly, I am unaware of what produce is available where. So, if you are unable to get limes, lemons or another citrus fruit can be substituted. I want everyone to be able to participate!

  2. I’m SO IN! I love making cupcakes and haven’t done it in forever, and I adore lime, and the thought of some fluffy limey light as a feather cupcakes sounds AWESOME!

  3. I am so excited so many want to participate! I was afraid of one of those only girl at the dance kind of situations. Thanks so much for the delightful comments. You made my day!

  4. I’m cooking my way through American history and am planning a 50s-themed dinner party for my next adventure. I’m psyched to try a “twist” on lime cupcakes for the event — but fair warning, there might have to gelatine in them! Well, we’ll see…!

  5. Karenides

    Wow interesting that I have just come across this. I just baked some lime cupcakes last week with lime cream cheese frosting. I have pictures but I need to make some minor adjustments to my recipe. I don’t have a blog but I don’t mind sending you some pictures and the recipe

  6. Will definitely participate, thanks for this sweet idea and the chance to join in. Will have to ruminate on this!! But once I have come up with idea, baked cakes etc is it as simple as posting on my blog about it? Thanks!

  7. Sounds like fun! Not sure I’ll have a chance to do this months, but I’ll definitely play along for some future ones. Do you have any guidelines? For example, does the recipe have to be completely an original creation?

  8. Stefani- As long as there is lime in the cupcake, filling or frosting, the sky is the limit. You can try someone elses recipe, as long as you give them cred I would say, or try something new of your own.

    Cant wait to see what you come up with!

  9. Jen- As long as you use lime in the cake, frosting or a filling, you can create a new recipe or use one you already know. Just give credit if the recipe is not your own I would say??

    Thanks to everyone for the kindly comments, I did not anticipate this reception to the event. I had thought maybe 10 people would be interested and that would include friends and family. LOL So thanks so much, I am thrilled!

  10. Well I really wanted to get in on this – but time got away.. I hope this will be a monthly event – because I want to join in on the fun!

    Looking forward to your first round-up!


  11. cupcakerie- Please watch for the theme for October, Id love to have you particpate!

    Gretchen- Im so sorry you found me late, please join in on the fun for October!!

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