The end of relaxation..


Relaxation is being sarcastic of course. But, with both the older boys in school now, I do not have time to sit! Liam brings home something everyday that requires my time. Brody’s school also needs things here and there. Add in the regular grocery runs, Dr Appts, playdates, soccer etc.. and I am booked. My baking time has decreased considerably and when I do get to bake, I dont have the time to blog about it. In the past week I made chocolate walnut/hazelnut biscotti, scones twice, and coconut cupcakes. Yet, I have not downloaded the pictures onto my laptop. So, no posts have been written.

Today is fundraising at Bro’s school, then Liam’s soccer practice. But I will try and get ‘er done tonight.

And please keep the Cupcake Hero entries coming! They have been extremely creative, I love it!

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