Who is the Next Cupcake Hero?


I called for Cupake Lovers of the World to Unite, and Unite you did!!! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that these wonderful, creative, talented bloggers made time for my little event. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I sat in my chair every morning the past month, reading my Google Reader. I was shocked when I would come across an entry. I logged out of one account and into another with a fury so that I could check my Hero-Mail and see all the gooey details of the entrant. Drool then ensued and baking followed soon after…So without further ado…


Let’s start off with a tasty refreshing beverage ‘er cupcake! Molly of Batter-Splattered mixed up Margarita Chiffon Cupcakes. Lime, tequila, triple sec…now thats the way to get a party started! Thank you Molly!


Culinary Concoctions by Peabody baked a Key Lime Pie Cupcake. I would call the key lime a very sneaky lime. As I could not find a key lime to spare in all of Pittsburgh. And boy, oh boy, did I want to make these suckers! I will make them, I will!!! Thanks Peabody!


What is better than 1 cupcake? Surely its 2 cupcakes!?! Elizabeth of The Baker and The Curry Maker baked up Lime Curd Cupcakes and Fluffy Lime Cupcakes . A tasty duo indeed. Thats the spirit Elizabeth, thanks!


Elizabeth’s partner in crime Sathya, also of The Baker and The Curry Maker created Lime Banana Cupcakes. This is surely a sweet combo that I will try with all the poor, neglected bananas in my house. Thank you Sathya!


The lovely Minh of Couture Cupcakes baked up a Lime Zucchini Pistachio Cupcake. Not only do I want to eat one, Id like to smell it as well. Truly beautiful Minh, thanks!!


Y of Lemonpi baked Lime Poppyseed Cupcakes. What a yummy twist on an old classic. Oh my, wouldn’t I love one of these every morning for breakfast. Well done Y!, thanks!


Lime Swirled Almond Cupcakes are the Sihan’s creation of Fundamentally Flawed. Not only do they look cute as a button, but she used green food coloring in the cake as well. And I do love me some food coloring. (As do my kids.) Thanks Sihan!


Simply beautiful! KJ of A Cracking Good Egg baked up a gorgeous creation, Lime Curd Butterfly Cakes. I wish my Mom had made these for my lunchbox growing up! Thanks KJ!


Mmm..Lime Cream Cheese Cupcakes. These fancy little numbers were baked by Edith of Precious Moments. I am not sure I believe this is her very first event. These cupcakes are gorgeous! Thanks Edith, I hope this sparked your kids interest in cupcakes again!


A vanilla cupcake recipe, with a key lime marscarpone filling and a meringue icing!?! YUMMMM! Key Lime Cupcakes are the creation of Sara of Whisks and Needles. I’d have gladly served these tasty cakes at any of my baby showers Sara. Thanks!


Nibblin’ on sponge cake, watchin’ the sun bake… Jen of Beantown Baker served up very cool Margarita Cupcakes at a Jimmy Buffet tailgate. I doubt anyone would pass up these tasty treats. Wish I could have joined you Jen!


I would follow up a Margarita with a nice Mojito. I really would! African Vanielje of Vanielje Kitchen created a Mojito Cupcake. Top it off with Rum and Lime Syrup, now thats a very lush cupcake. Thank you!


April of Abby Sweets baked a very, very sweet cupcake, Lime-Blackberry. An odd combo I think not. I would eat one of these bad boys any day of the week. (And probably twice on half the days) Thanks April!


She put de lime de coconut… Denise of Chez Denise et Laudalino paired lime with coconut. And what a tempting pair they make. This dynamic duo could take on anyone! Thanks Denise!


Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes with Lime Cream Cheese Frosting. Stunning!! Jade, of Apple & Oranges, says this is her first blogging event. Im not sure I buy it, she looks like a pro! Her cupcakes look and taste divine, I AM sure of that! Thanks Jade!


Karen of An Cistin created Ginger & Lime Cupcakes. These bad boys not only have ginger and lime, but chocolate and cream cheese as well. She used ginger beer in the recipe to boot. Seriously, does it get better than that? Thank you Karen!


Quellia of All Things Edible made one of my favorite cakes in cupcake form, Lime Jello Cupcakes. I adore Jello cake, and these tasty cakes are no exception. Well done Quellia, and I think you should enter them in the Retro Recipe Event! Thanks Quellia!


Coconut & Lime Cupcakes are the beautiful creation by Nirmala of Nirmala’s Cooking Corner. They look absolutely gorgeous and surely taste divine as well. Thank you Nirmala!


I am not sure how Helen, of Tartelette knew that lemon meringue pie is my favorite. I ask for it every year for my birthday. But I think that tradition will change with her Lemon Lime Meringue Cupcakes. Oh my are they heavenly! Thank you Helen!


This wacky creation is from Stefani of Cupcake Project. Her Avocado Lime Cupcakes are by far the most bizarre of all the entries. And therefore, she wins the Quirkiest Cupcake Award! Let alone that she baked with a broken arm! Stefani, my husband said avocado in a cupcake sounded GREAT! I have to say, I am very curious about the flavor. Thanks Stefani!


Cherry-Lime Rickey Cupcakes…WOW! Say that 10 times fast. Id bet you could eat one faster than you can say it! Me? I’d like to eat that frosting with a spoon just looking at it. This delectable cake is brought to us by Steph of A Whisk and A Spoon.

Do you believe in cupcakelove at first sight? I do, and as soon as I saw this adorable cupcake, I said, “THAT CUPCAKE IS MY HERO! ” Now, I was downstairs by myself. So, no one heard me. How anti-climactic. So, I called my step-mom and I said to her, “I think I found THE ONE”. She took one look and said “Wow!”

I proceeded to pack up the kids and husband into the car. We headed to the grocery so that I could get supplies to recreate this masterpiece. These cupcakes are as delicious as they look, I assure you. My husband, Jaos, ate several back to back. He commented that he would like to eat the cupcake filling straight from a bowl. If thats not a rave review, I dont know what is.

So, Steph, I say to you, You are The CUPCAKE HERO!

A rad t-shirt with your choice of the Cupcake Hero logos is your prize. Well, that and the right to brag to your friends, relatives, pets and people on the street, that YOU are the Cupcake Hero, of course.

Thanks to all that particpated in the event. You truly made my month. I hope you will bake again next month, in hopes of becoming The Next Cupcake Hero!


18 thoughts on “Who is the Next Cupcake Hero?

  1. Hmm being Dutch I grew up convinced cupcakes were a children’s treat…now I’ve read all these entries, not so sure anymore. Any adult would crave any of these creations! Congrats Steph!

  2. What a wonderful round-up of delectable lime cupcakes! I sooooo wanted to participate in this, but time just got away from me, darn it. I love lime, and lemon too, for that matter, so I will know where to look for great cupcake recipes when I’m craving citrus. 🙂 I can’t wait to see your next theme!

  3. Fantastic round up, Laurie!! And holy cow what fantastic recipes too! They ALL looked simply luscious *drool*

    Congrats Steph! That’s definitely a droolworthy winner. =)


  4. Wow, I just found your site. Cheryl of Cupcake Bakeshop and I are just starting a cupcake roun-up! Love the lime theme here. Wish I knew about it so I could have submitted!

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