Cupcake Hero: The Sequel


Are you ready for another round?!? I sure as hell am!

I have been contemplating what to use as the theme for October for a few weeks now. Fall is just starting here, or should be. The warm weather is starting to royally tick me off. Im beyond ready for the temp to drop, the leaves to fall and to get the jackets out. Halloween is just around the corner, pumpkins are everywhere, apples are coming into season.. lots of good stuff. Making the boys breakfast it hit me, MAPLE SYRUP! I turned to the DBs to see if maple syrup is available worldwide. I am just not that worldly you see. And I am so glad I did. Because it is not available everywhere and it quite pricey where it is. Scratch that idea.

With my head full of other brilliant ideas (at least in my mind), I turned to a fellow cupcaker for some help. Stefani of Cupcake Project is a life saver! I was able to spit out all my ideas and get an opinion. She had some fab ideas of her own too. Bonus! So, I kindly asked Stefani to be my sidekick (co-host) for this month. After semi-lengthy debate, the theme for October is:


I cannot wait to see what kind of ideas y’all come up with. Stefani and I will be waiting on the edge of our seats. Thanks again to all who participated last month. A shout out to my step-Mom, Chris, who was my sidekick last month. I really appreciated all your help! (Do people still do shout outs?) And a BIG thanks to Stefani for being sidekick for the month. You rock!

If you have never played Cupcake Hero before. Here is how it works. The theme ingredient must be used in the cupcake, frosting or filling. Or all if you so choose.

The theme for October is Clove.

If you want to participate, send us your deets to superslush AT AND stef AT by October 31. Thats right, due date is Halloween!

  • Name
  • Your blog name and URL
  • Link to your Cupcake Hero entry
  • Picture of your cupcakery (250 width is preferred)

We will work as fast as we can to come up with a winner. A rad Cupcake Hero t-shirt will be the prize. So, I say to you, Are you the Next Cupcake Hero?

Remember: The theme ingredient, clove, must be used in the cake, frosting or filling.


6 thoughts on “Cupcake Hero: The Sequel

  1. Thanks April, Sihan and Garrett!

    Dhivya- You can most certainly use a recipe you have jotted down, from a cookbook or the internet. I always give props to the original recipe when copying or adapting from something else as a kind courtesy. Its the nice thing to do!!

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