Pens Vs Canadiens, and I get to go!!!



I couldnt be more excited that Jaos and I get to go see the Pens tonight. This is my first ever Pens game, and I had trouble sleeping last night because of my anticipation. Seriously! I feel like a little kid!

Ill give you some background information on me. I grew up with all brothers.  I cheered in high school, just to do it, you know the social aspect, blah blah.  But I was never into watching sports. My Dad and all my brothers watched football, and still do.  I hated it. Something about having 1 tv in the house and football is all thats on for 5 months a year. It makes a girl bitter.

Now, Jaos has always watched hockey. And I would watch with him sometimes. Just to be with him. But my heart wasnt into it. We even went to 1 game when we lived in Raleigh. But I still never got really into it. After moving to Pittsburgh, the hockey bug bit us both, HARD. We have been watching since we moved here consistently. And I am proud to say, this is the first time I have ever known all the players names on any athletic team since I was in high school. We got so deep into the Pens last season, we named our son Colby after Colby Armstrong scored the winning goal in OT the night our son was born. Im still not sure how I agreed to that after obsessing over names for months on end.

So, this is my first game, we have wicked seats. And I am more than excited. I feel like a little kid, and its awesome! GO PENS!


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