The Cupcake Hero: Clove Edition


Let me start off by saying I am tickled pink that you guys humor me by entering my little event every month. Well, its 2 months now, but still… I am honored that you take the time to create spectacular cupcakery in hopes of being the next Cupcake Hero. This month the theme was a bit odd, I know. It was also an extremely busy event month. But you really came through. So many fab clove cupcakes. Thanks, you guys rock!!

Before I start the round-up, I want to thank Stef of the Cupcake Project for all her help. She was the best side-kick a girl could ask for. Thanks so much Stef! Okay, lets begin shall we?


A big fat apology to S. of The Student Stomach. She made these awesome Vanilla Chai Pudding Cakes just for the Hero and the email fairy strikes again. Thanks for the heads up! Chai is my absolute fav tea, and my Dads too. His birthday is coming up… these may be a contender for bday cakes. Thanks S!


Pumpkin BOOcakes with White Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting are the very Halloweeny creation of Valerie at Bake your cake and eat it too. My boys OoOoo’d and Ahhhh’d over these babies. I love Halloween! Spider-web cupcakes should be mandatory at any ‘weeny event. Thanks Valerie!


Marye of Baking Delights brings us pretty in pink Orange Clove cupcakes. These were also her entry for the Boobie Bake-off, hence the pink. I love a 2 for 1! And I’m a sucker for food coloring as you know. These cupcakes would make any little girl smile. Thanks Marye!


When you think of New England in fall, what do you see? A gorgeous mountainside of turning leaves of course. And now I will think of Oatmeal Spice Cupcakes with Penuche Frosting from breadchick at The Sour Dough as well. These cupcakes scream fall to me. Warm and homey. This recipe is from breadchicks grandmother, thanks so much for sharing it!


Gretchen of Canela y Comino almost submitted the first ever savory cupcake hero entry. However, she was unable to solve the ever so common fitting a clove-stuck ham into the muffin tin. Hilarious! So, she whipped up these beauties instead. Clove Cupcakes with Caramel Frosting would be a welcomed dessert at any Thanksgiving table. I’d take this cupcake over a ham anyday. Thanks Gretchen!


My fellow procrastinator Sihan of Fundamentally Flawed baked up a very sweet and spiked cupcake. With sugar syrup, rum, cinnamon and pears, a Spiced Sour Cream Poached Pear Cupcake would be grand after any fall or winter meal. I can see myself eating several sitting in front of a fire on a chilly night. Mmm. Thanks Sihan!

I love all orange and cranberry combos, I mean love, love, LOVE! So, when I saw Orange Cranberry Sauce Cupcakes by Thayer of i like cake!, I began to drool. Seriously, homemade cranberry sauce in a cupcake, does it even get better than that?? If I were not going on a 9 hour road trip at Thanksgiving, these would def be one of my desserts! Thanks Thayer!


Dark Chocolate Butter Icing atop Velvet Spice Cupcakes with figs for good measure. Yummmm! Becky of Key Lime & Coconut baked up these fancy cakes and even flew them to Philly with her! I KNOW your boyfriend enjoyed them. Thanks Becky!


Natalie of Bake and Destroy made 2 versions of her Apple Ginger Cupcakes with Orange Clove Buttercream. She warns that these bad boys are not for the casual ginger eater. Ginger fanatics, these are YOUR cupcake! I admit I was a little intimidated because I’m not sure where on the ginger scale I fall. Apple, Ginger, Orange and Cloves, come on, can’t go wrong there. Please check out her Elvis topper’d version too!


Pumpkin Muffins, Bread, and almost Cupcakes are brought to us by Rose of Rose’s Recipes. Frosting or no frosting, I’d give anything to wake up to these tomorrow morning. A muffin is really a naked cupcake, and how can that be bad? I’ll take ANY cupcake! Thanks Rose!


The infamous Garrett of Vanilla Garlic entered his Orange Clove Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream and Candied Orange Peel. Holy Fancy Cupcakes, Batman! You’ll need patience as the peel is an overnight jobber. But anything worth having is worthy of a little work, is it not? Thanks Garrett!


This cupcake looks simple enough… can you believe its a Blueberry and Mango Gingerbread Cupcake with Caramelised Mango Buttercream?? WOW! Thats all that comes to mind. Well, other than YUMM! This lavish cupcake is brought to us from none other than Minko of Couture Cupcakes. Its our choice for Quirkiest Cupcake Award!! Your the proud winner of a shiny new Cupcake Hero button. Keep the colorful, fruity flavors coming Minko!


Root Beer Clove Cupcakes with Spiced Orange Cream Frosting! Just look at em! Tempered Woman baked these cupcakes in honor of her cooking hero, her Dad. And call me a sucker for soda, call me a sucker for citrus, call me a sucker for sappy family stories or just plain call me a sucker… But these cupcakes triggered the Cupcake Hero sense…kind of like Spidey sense, but different.

Tempered Woman, You are The CUPCAKE HERO!

Along with the bragging rights of this ever so prestigious title, you get a wicked Cupcake Hero t-shirt. Nothing says I am a winner more than a free t-shirt!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Cupcake Hero: Clove. I am having such a blast reading your entries. I hope you are having just as much fun baking them. Thanks again to Stef for being my Clove Sidekick. Check out Cupcake Project for her version of the round-up!

Check back in a few days for the Next Cupcake Hero theme. I think you’ll really like it!


3 thoughts on “The Cupcake Hero: Clove Edition

  1. Thanks SO so much for loving my cupcakes! I’m still gigging like a school girl about it! I couldn’t wait to get home and show my daughter. Who totally loves your sly little cupcake hero BTW. And she just oohed and ahhed reading through all the amazing entries. And then reminded me how much fun it is to be a mom- she says “wow- so YOURS won?!?!” like all incredulous. And then proceeded to click through to Bake and Destroy’s blog and tell me how she is the coolest cupcake mom ever. Being a mom can be very humbling…

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