Hockey tonight, WOOT!



I ordered a ticket to go to an event at the Mellon called “Hockey and Heels” way back in Sept. Today is finally the day! Apparently, a lady wrote a book by that name a couple years ago and has been holding events for women at Hockey arenas since to school us on the rules etc. Local women newscasters will be on hand to talk about working around the sport and what not. Now, I dont think I need schooling on hockey. However, the chance to spend a night alone, leaving my 3 little monkeys behind, this I could not pass up. Poor Jas gets to stay at home with them.

Hoping Colby gets to play again tonight after being scratched for 2 games. WHATS THE DEAL WITH THAT? And Im really interested to see if MAF plays or if the Mighty Sabu will start again. Come on MAF, get your act together already, your letting Sabu show you up! We play the Flyers who sucked last year, but have turned things around and lead the Atlantic right now in points. Hoping the boys are still flying high from the shut out against the Devils and come out on top of their game tonight.

Im kind of nervous about going to an all women event. Lets say, I dont exactly have a lot of “girl friends”. Thats what happens when you have 5 brothers! And Im going alone. Hopefully it wont be a bunch of puck bunnies. I want to talk to other real women fans!

Ill be sporting Jas’ Colby jersey and my WWGRD wristband. Well, the wristband doesnt ever come off bc Im afraid I may melt if I take it off. GR has the power. Taking some wristbands with me to pass out. Spread the love.

Ill update tomorrow how it went….


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