Hockey night: The day after



Okay, so I got to the arena early, like I was supposed to. Amazing bc the monkeys were not cooperating with me. I go where Im told and there is a room full of ladies sitting at tables. Dont I feel like a douche being all by myself. So I politely ask if I can join one of the tables. They agree, although I can tell they arent thrilled.  As soon as my butt hits the chair they round us up for a tour of the Mellon. Great! I dont have to sit with these women who dont want me!

We go up elevators and tour the press boxes. Very cool. High up. Great view of the Mellon. They were giving us historical info, yada yada, blah blah. We wind our way around the Mellon, here and there. We get down to a spot where we see some Flyers guys warming up. Id like to say thats cool, but they are the Flyers. Come on. Who cares.

Through some doors and down a hallway and there are OUR guys warming up. Laraque, who is HUGE! And even that doesnt sum it up. Armstrong, Sabu, Talbot, Staal. OMG I was stunned. My heart stopped. I felt a panic attack coming on. 5 feet from the Pens. Good lord. They are all soooo freakin tall. We had been warned if we saw anyone we were not to talk to them, take pics, ask for anything etc. And hell, we needed them to be on their game for the Flyers. I wasnt fucking with that.

I didnt think the night could get any better, but it did. We go up to the club seats. Some puck bunnies are sitting in my seat. Im anti confrontational, so I dont want to ask them to move. I ask the Manager type person if she can find me another seat. She does. I am between 2 REAL hockey fans. One old enough to be my mom, and the other my Grandma. Sweet, I love REAL hockey fans! Under my seat is our “gift box” for attending the event. I open it. Tshirt, nice. Pink Pens hat, WTF, what REAL fan wears a pink hat? Thats so night right on SOOO many levels. Whatever. Calendar, nice. And under that is pure gold Jerry. A Colby Armstrong signed puck. I almost died right there. Now is that fate or what? Not my seat, but I still end up with an Army puck. Life is good.

Okay, so we lost. 3-1. You know the game isnt going to go well when the other team scores in less than 30 seconds into the 1st. Sabu did ok.  Wondering what the goalie situation is. Will MAF start tonight? If we couldnt actually KEEP the puck, we may do better. The turn over rate was retarded.  It seems like we just cant keep it together. No one is playing like they should.  With our line up youd think we would dominate. Sooo many games left. Hopefully we turn it around. Im really concerned about Army too. Scratched 3 games in a row. Hrmm. Talks of trade. Blah. We play the Flyers again Sat. Hopefully we rape them. Before that is the Rangers tonight. We need a win.

Side notes: Jas was a saint and stayed with the monkeys. They were good he said. YAY! The Grandma I sat next to lives in Punxsatawney. Her neighbor is the caretaker of THE Groundhog. Man, thats pretty damn cool. Hes the most famous groundhog I know. And when I was leaving the Mellon, we had to stop for a car pulling out, inside was none other than Mario Lemieux. My phone wouldnt take the picture bc it was too dark. Damn.

All in all, Best Night Ever.


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