2nd cold of the season…


I woke up yesterday with flu head and a sore throat. I knew I was in trouble. By the end of the day I was all achy, middle of the night fever set in. Blah. 2 of my  monkeys are sick too.  At least the baby is still doing ok.  My Dad was supposed to come this weekend. Warned them we were sick, so thats out.  I had wanted to go check out the cupcake shop Dozen this weekend. But right now I cant even think about cupcakes. You know Im really sick. I just want to crawl into bed. But the monkeys wont have that. This is going to be the longest day ever.


6 thoughts on “2nd cold of the season…

  1. I’ve just started coming down with a cold -and my anniversary is this weekend!! I have been going crazy with Zicam and Airborne in hopes of scarring away the cold!! I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Thats the worst Deborah! Colds always strike when something is going on. Hope the zicam and airborne are working for you. Id hate for it to ruin your anniversary! xo

  3. littlebabyaidan

    Oh man!! That’s the one thing I’m really not looking forward to: being sick as shit and having a baby to care for. I got my flu shot last weekend and so far so good.

    I know it’s bound to happen, I just hope it’s not for another 3 or more years when Aidan is big enough to care for himself as much as possible (going potty, etc.)

  4. littlebabyaidan- It does royally suck. And I hate to say it, but even at 3, its hard. At 4 they turn a corner and can chill a bit more when your under the weather. At least thats how it went with my brood. And now my 5 year old can sit and play video games and is happy as pie. (I know Im a horrible parent that lets her 5yo play video games all day if Im sick. I pick my battles.)

    Melissa and Gigi- Thanks so much, Im downing the OJ. Hoping I feel better soon too! These school grade colds are awful.

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