This cold owns me…




Okay, so Im not poisoned, but Mr Yuk sums up how I feel. This cold totally owns me and refuses to let go. Im wondering when and if I should go to the Dr. But I hate when you go and they say, “You have a cold”. I KNOW! It went from runny nose, sore throat to thick, gunky, disgusting nose and coughing up stuff that is too nasty to describe. My voice is almost gone. Thing is the kids have it too. Including the baby now. Last night, he was up because hes having trouble breathing through his nose. He would fall asleep and Id wake him up with my horrendous coughing jags. Blah. Its been holding onto Liam for 10 days now. Poor boy. Hes down to just a cough.


I did actually bake yesterday because I wanted to get my mind off being sick. But the black bottoms turned out to be white tops with black bottoms. The cream cheese mixture didnt sink down in, just made a thick layer on top. But I need to figure out what I did wrong. I know the cream cheese layer should sink down into the cake some. And the cake part was good, I think I just wanted something more fudgey, brownie-ish. It was more like light chocolate cake. Ill work on it.


Pens vs. Devils tonight. We need a win. Too many losses to talk about lately. The guys need to pull through this slump and turn things around. Improvements needed across the board. No need to name names at this point. Go PENS!


4 thoughts on “This cold owns me…

  1. Melissa- The kids have been ever so sweet. Im lucky they dont gang up and over throw the order in the house! Thanks!

    breadchick- Oh my, I am praying I dont have this a month from now. I feel like Im on my last leg now.

    gigi- Thanks so much! I stocked up on kleenex this weekend, thank goodness.

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