I caved…


I made an appointment to see the doctor for today at 1:30. Im such a wuss. I wish I could just buck up and ride it out. But I cant talk anymore. My voice is GONE. The boys dont take me seriously because they cant hear me that well. Before anarchy strikes, I need to get better. Let alone I still just do not feel well at all.

If she tells me “Its just a cold” I may shoot myself.

Edited to add Im back from the Dr. She did not say “Its just a cold”. Instead I got the back-up, “Its a sinus infection.” Ill take it. I feel like shite. Hopefully, pumping the antibiotics in will turn things around quickly. Thanks to everyone for the kind thoughts!

The Pens lost again last night. Thats 4 in a row. Their record is now 7-10-1. Kick a girl while shes down… damn you Pens!


5 thoughts on “I caved…

  1. Hope you feel better very soon. I’m positive thinking myself not to get the youngest’s horrible cold and hot temperature thing. There are some real nasty bugs around at the moment. Get well. I always recommend a mug with some fresh grated ginger, juice of one lemon and a big dollop of honey topped up with hot water for any cold or sinus related things. It works a treat!

  2. Take care of yourself. I had a sinus infection last May and it turned into pneumonia. Take it easy and rest a lot. Will still be here when you feel better.

  3. Gigi- Feeling a tiny bit better today. Hoping by tomorrow the meds will really kick in. I may have to haul the boys into the Dr too. They have a cough that wont go away. When it rains it pours!

    Thanks for the sweet thoughts! xo

  4. Awww – Sinus infections are THE worst. I used to get them all of the time when I was in high school because I would get dehydrated. Lots of fluids and rest help me the most. And you, know, drugs. Better living through chemistry! 😀 Feel better soon!!!

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