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Its thats time again. The day that Daring Bakers take over with hundreds of posts. If you dont know what I am talking about, you must live under a rock. (No offense!) Every month the Daring Bakers make the same recipe. Then on the specified day we post about our trials, tribulations, victories or failures. Its the coolest club around, I tell you! And its definitely taken me out of my comfort zone.


This month’s challenge came from the lovely Tanna, of My Kitchen in Half Cups. She picked the first savory recipe since I joined DB. And I have to say Tender Potato Bread was just what the doctor ordered. Although intimidated, I was excited to lay off the sugar for a bit. I make enough cupcakes to make up for it, dont worry.

Procrastinating as usual, I waited and waited to get started on the Potato Bread. Browsing the DB one day, I ran across a post from the brilliant breadchick, of The Sour Dough. She had set a date to make the bread and asked if anyone wanted to join her and yak about it on Yahoo. I replied immediately. Knowing myself, I had to commit if I wanted to get it done before the last day. And the HUGE plus was having access to breadchicks vast knowledge on making the bread. I am a newb at working with yeast. Help was going to be a necessity.


On the day we were to get started, I still hadnt gone for supplies. Sickness had invaded my house in the few weeks prior. So, I flew out to the store, but forgetting about pre-thanksgiving grocery traffic was almost my demise. I got my things in a hurry, but then it took me 45 minutes to check out. Blah. I rushed home, and luckily the girls were not that far ahead, so I got my butt in gear and the potato and water on the stove. Sara, Gretchen, Christina and breadchick provided amusing commentary all along the way. As well as helpful tips. I did ok with the recipe until the kneading and adding flour. I seem to be missing the “velvety feel” touch. I still have no idea what that means. I kept adding flour until the dough was just tacky and no longer sticky. Then set it in the oven to rise. This was slow going. The waiting is the one thing I dont like about the bread process. Im too inpatient. However, the girls kept me company. I love you guys.

Finally, my bread was ready to be shaped. I decided on making a pepperoni loaf and rosemary/parm rolls. The loaf had pepperoni, parm and italian seasoning. The rolls had rosemary, garlic, parm, pepper, and salt. They formed rather easily. And I set them aside to rise again. And again, slow going. I was told I must have a cool kitchen. And Im used to working with rapid rise yeast. Dry active just takes longer. After the time passed, into the oven went the loaf. I dont have a thermometer so was told to tap the top and it should sound hollow with a thunk if its done. Once it passed the tap test out it came and in went the rolls. They were brown in the alloted time.


My house smelled awesome! I swear, there is nothing better than that yeasty smell in the house. Its intoxicating. I love it!! We set aside the loaf to cool, but started in on the rolls right away. They were crusty on the outside, but tender and chewy on the inside. The seasoning I added was a little strong. Too much salt. But they still tasted great. My husband was very impressed with me. Thats always a nice feeling!

Later in the evening, I sliced into the pepperoni loaf. Now the pepperoni swirl didnt come out like I had hoped. I didnt roll properly or something. But the bread was to die for. Soo, soo good. Crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside. I can totally see why people make their own bread. It was totally worth the 5 hour effort. And chilling with the girls was a blast as well. Thats a wicked fun way to tackle a challenge!

Thanks to Tanna for picking such a wonderful recipe! Thanks to the DBs for this club I am so proud to be a member of. And thanks to breadchick, Sara, Christina and Gretchen for helping me through my first potato bread! You guys rock!

I loved this recipe so much, I made another batch the very next day. This time making 2 loaves. One with cheddar cheese and black pepper. And the other with dark chocolate and dried cherries. They both were awesome. I LOVED this challenge!

Please check out what the other Fab Daring Bakers baked up!

Sorry for the very crappy pictures, I am still on cell-photography. We bought a new battery for our camera, but it doesnt recognize the battery anymore. So, we had to buy a new camera. Should be here this week!

This recipe is a loooong one, albeit worth it. Please visit Tanna of My Kitchen in Half Cups for the goods.




43 thoughts on “DB: Tender Potato Bread

  1. YEA LAURIE!! I had so much fun baking with you on IM and your pepperoni bread looks even better than it sounded that day and believe me, it sounded so good it caused me to order a pizza that night! I can’t wait to bake with you again next challenge. Hugs

  2. There’s no comparison to the smell of bread baking, is there? And I feel for your 45 minute checkout experience… it amazes me how many people leave their Thanksgiving shopping to the last possible minute.

  3. Laurie I’m drooling! Pepperoni! YES!
    You got really great bread and oh my goodness you did it again the next day. I do believe you have taken up the yeast bug and become a bread head. There really is nothing like bread baking in your oven! Terrific.

  4. Daring 45 minutes of pre-Thanksgiving traffic? Now THAT’S a committment! The combination of flavors in your rolls and bread sound so perfect. And pepperoni roll. Oh. My. Goodness. Totally criminal. That swirl is perfect!

  5. What a great idea to roll up some savory surprises inside that loaf- Sure wish I had thought of that! It looks incredible, and I can’t wait to see what comes of the next Daring Baker challenge, too.

  6. Fabulous job on the challenge! I agree, there is nothing like baking with friends, even if oe virtually, the get together must have been a hoot! I love all the breads you made! The loaf mus tbe great!

  7. Hey Laurie! I has such a wonderful time baking with you all and we must do it again int he near future!

    Your rolls and loaf came out wonderfully. You and I must have had some connection going on because neither of our spirals came out as we wanted! But in the end, it was an edible delight.

    Christina ~ She Runs, She Eats

  8. Oh Yum! Your breads look terrific. I agree about the smell of yeasty bread baking in the houes – love it. Excellent job on your challenge and I’m excited for your new camera to arrive!!

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