Quick Question…


How many times in a row can one consume Chocolate Cake, as a meal, before it is considered pure gluttony?


7 thoughts on “Quick Question…

  1. Haven’t you read the Chocolate Cake Rule Book? Its on page 35, paragraph 2. “Chocolate Cake may be eaten at any time of the day for any reason. This is considered normal and is not to be confused with gluttony.”

    And then again on page 52, para 3 “Whosoever has Chocolate Cake available and does not eat it with pure abandon is considered not of sound mind. Further, any thoughts pertaining to gluttony renders said person incapable of sound judgement.”

    So there! Looks like Lewis has read a similar version of the Rule Book *wink*

  2. As your official cake counsel, I agree with Dharm. There’s also an exception to the rule: page 1010 paragraph 5 “…if you have had a bad day and are on the verge of tears, the cake has no calories.” Pass the cake please.

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