Working on something new….


I am the proud new owner of a HUGE bottle of dark rum. (Thank you Cupcake Hero!) Im determined to use this rum.  Ive been thinking about a rum raisin cupcake all day. But Im plum out of flour. I start to panic when there is no flour, so I will replenish the supply tonight and get busy. Hope to have a new recipe by tomorrow.

If you have suggestions for this bottle of rum, let me know. Well, other than a tasty rum ‘n coke or sneaking a nip here and there. Let the rum recipes pour in!

Sidenote: The Pens are doing better. Above 500 now. Play Calgary tonight. Think good thoughts for them please.  Thanks!


4 thoughts on “Working on something new….

  1. Christina

    Mmm…. i love rum. how about trying something with a caribbean theme. mangos, coconut, brown sugar, spicey spices, all those sound like they could go well with rum

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