Sleep deprived…


I am not getting enough sleep. Its making me short tempered and cranky. Admittedly, I need a lot of sleep. Im a good 7 hour type of gal. 8 is even better and oh, if I can get 9, its heaven. My 5 year old, Liam, is waking me up at least once a night. Excuses range from, “I had a nightmare” to “Why is the tv on in Brody’s room, I dont think its fair he can watch tv at night and I cant” and even “I dont know that Santa can make me REAL drums, he only makes toys, Im not sure he can get the job done”.  Brody is my 3 year old. He used to be our prized sleeper. Now, he cries every night, he wants to sleep with Liam, our 5 year old. So, he turns on his tv and falls asleep to it. I dont really care. Picking battles is a necessity here.   Last, we have our 9 month old, Colby, who still isnt sleeping through the night. Now, he has a cold on top of the teething that was waking him up. I need more sleep!!! I wish I were one of those people who can get 4-5 hours of sleep and wake up fresh as a daisy. I am not.


2 thoughts on “Sleep deprived…

  1. Those folks who think they can get by on 4 -5 hours sleep, I used to be one, they’re fooling themselves. The human body needs sleep. And with little ones, well, you’ve got just about all the bases covered there. Then they want to stay up and out all night as teens. But there’s some rest inbetween.

    Sleep to you.

  2. mykitcheninhalfcups- Aww, thanks! Sometimes I think Ill never sleep well again! Although, my husband says he is glad the baby is still up at night. Because when they sleep through the night, I get pregnant again!

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