Im a sucky blogger.


Im neglecting the blog. I know. I know. Its gotten busy around here. Its not that I havent been baking. I have! I just havent taken pictures of ANYTHING.  I made sugar cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies. Last night, I made buckeyes. I still have another batch of cookies, 3 dozen cupcakes and possibly rum balls to go. And only 3 days till we leave on Christmas vacation. We head to the other side of the state every year, to my Grandma’s house. Its the one tradition we have kept up since we got married. No matter where we live, we spend Christmas at my Grams. Jaos and Liam both have 11 days off from work/school. So add packing for 5 people to the list of to-dos. Posting may be few and far between. You are allowed to call me a sucky blogger. Im aware!

If you have time, remember Cupcake Hero: Mint. Deadline is December 31. Thanks to all who have entered already. I love you guys! We have some very interesting combos, as usual. Gotta love that. Winner will not only get a rad t-shirt from me, but a gift pack from Natalie @ Bake and Destroy! So, come on, bake up some minty cupcakery for us! xo


4 thoughts on “Im a sucky blogger.

  1. I made buckeyes too this year!! Don’t worry about being a sucky blogger… I think we all get that way during this time of the year. Too many things to do in our “real” lives let alone keep up with our virtual ones 😉

  2. You are so not a sucky blogger. You have kids and it’s the Holiday season. Spend time on something important (like time with said kids, and Grams, and husband et al).

  3. Buckeyes! I haven’t made or eaten any of those in forever. They are so good. Maybe if my pants still fit after the holidays, and yoga pants don’t count, I’ll make some soon. Maybe for Valentines?!

  4. Sihan

    hey.. dun say tt about urself. everyone gets distracted once in a while… i mean u shld blog for urself and not for others. yep so chill yar. smile! its the xmas season!

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