Getting wicked nervous…


Tomorrow, I am going for my first tattoo in 11 years. And considering I was high for my first 2 tats, Im a nervous as hell to have it done sober. (Settle down kids. I am no longer a toker. I gave it up in 2000.) I am more anxious then I was with my 2nd and 3rd child. At least with them, I remembered the world of hurt I was in for. I barely remember getting my first tattoos!

It will be my husbands first time. His ink cherry will be officially popped.

So, wish us luck. Ill update after…

7 thoughts on “Getting wicked nervous…

  1. Good luck! I remember both of mine and the one on my ankle hurt like hell. Take some Motrin before you go to help with the swelling and you’ll be all set.

  2. cuppycakes

    is it bad luck to tell us what you are getting? I have 2 tattoos and they hurt like hell (its a good hurt. I can’t explain it!) but I love them b/c they are very special to me. Not something I picked off the wall you know? Come back with ink updates. šŸ™‚

  3. Jen- Thanks! I am pretty sure the one on the top of my foot hurt like hell. Wish I could remember it. I want to get that one redone bc I was 19 and stupid and its not quality work. Thats the next thing to get done.

    cuppycakes- Ill post pictures tomorrow night. I dont want to jinx myself.

    Jennyfer- Thanks! I know it cant be too bad or I wouldnt have done it twice already.

    Carrie- Thanks! Ill update tomorrow night!!

  4. dun worrie.. everything will be fine. i had one done on my neck just behind my ear. didn’t hurt to much. but it meant a lot to me.

    come back with pics orite? =)

  5. It’ll be fine! I just brace myself for the worst pain EVER & then it’s not so bad. I also have people talk to me, to keep me distracted. Can’t wait to see what you get!

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