Cupcake Hero: Theme for Jaos’ Birthday!


January is the month of my husband Jaos’ birthday. He will be 29. Laaast year of his 20’s. Im glad he is almost 30. He and my brothers made my 30th hell. I cried. Enough said.

Jaos will be my uber cool co-host for the month. Working behind the scenes of course. And he will choose the winner. (Well, Ill have some sort of say, because well, Im bossy like that. Even on his birthday. So, dont worry…)

Let me tell you a little about Jaos and cake. He likes it simple. “No funny business” to quote him. Hes a vanilla sort of dude that way. You know what I mean, lots of flavors mixed together, complimenting one another, does nothing for him. He would prefer a chocolate cupcake with niller frosting. Or a niller cupcake with chocolate frosting. You get the picture… However, I like the souped up, razzley dazzley, fancy pants cupcakes, with lots going on. This month may be difficult, since you have to please us both. ha!

The theme ingredient for January is:



Its Jaos’ birthday, so he picked the theme. (He originally asked for carrot cake, but Im not sure carrots make a good theme ingredient?!?) We love coffee. LOOVE IT! We are both Starbucks junkies. Thankfully for our budget, there is not one that close to the house. Its a treat when we wander over that way. So, go forth and bring on the coffee cupcakes punks! Any form of coffee is acceptable. I cant wait to see what yall dream up, create and bake!

If you want to participate, send me your cupcakery to superslush AT by January 25th. Jaos’ Birthday is the 26th!!

  • Name
  • Your blog name and URL
  • Link to your Cupcake Hero entry
  • Picture of your cupcakery (250 width is prefered)

Remember: The theme ingredient, coffee, must be used in the cake, frosting or filling.

Winner receives a super cool Cupcake Hero t-shirt. I know your thinking, Another crappy t-shirt? But what can I say, Im a creature of habit.

The only question now is, Are you the Next Cupcake Hero?



10 thoughts on “Cupcake Hero: Theme for Jaos’ Birthday!

  1. cuppycakes

    oooh. this might be a toughie for me. I don’t drink coffee but my hubs does. I’ll have to ask for his assistance on this one! Looking forward to the challenge! 🙂

  2. Jen- Jaos is a Frapp Boy, although he wont openly admit to it. He loves Peppermint Mochas. (which are so last month. haha) And I love Cinnamon Dolces. The ones we have in common are the White Chocolate Mochas, Pumpkin Spice/Gingerbread Lattes.

    Great question. Way to get down to bidness!

  3. lemontartlet

    After reading this a bunch of times and tucking tail to run, I figured the worst that can happen is they cupcakes don’t work out, so I might as well try! Starbucks, how I love thee… even working in one wasn’t enough to break my habit, it only made it worse. Decaf Sumatra is my true love, caffeine and me don’t mix unfortunately but the stuff tastes exactlly like the regular! Gingerbread lattes make me make those funny little humming sounds of contentment. And… and… *forces herself to stop writing a novel*

  4. lemontartlet- Man, I would kill for a bucks this morning. Somehow, the store brand coffee isnt doing the job. I so hope you bake up an entry! We dont discriminate against any cupcakery here. 😉

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