We are home! It was a very long day. Our appointment was for 1pm. But, Jaos didnt get done till 8pm. Both are The Tree of Life. 2 different takes on it. Mine came from an Amish Hex Sign of The Tree of Life. Jaos found his inspiration on the net somewhere. We are both extremely happy about the outcome. Next, having my foot tat redone/cover-up. Itll be a few months though. Lemme know what ya think on our trees!

(And The Hero will be named tomorrow….) 



9 thoughts on “Inked…

  1. Cathy and Glen- Thanks!

    Jennyfer- Thanks to you too!

    Lewis- Thanks! Actually they are being pushed to update a little. I grew up near Amish territory in Pa. There are tons of booths at the farmers market. The very best for me being the soft pretzel stand. Equipped with convection ovens and a cash register. They make the best soft pretzels I have ever had. Auntie Anns has nothing on these pretzels. And its the one place I have to stop if its a Market day when Im at home. But your surely right, they would not approve of my tattoo. 🙂

    sihan- Thanks! Pain wasnt bad. It was more the sound that annoyed me. That dental drill sound.

  2. Hey~ those look great. I love that yours is a more feminine version and he has a more masculine version but it’s technically the same thing. You guys are way too cool to be parents! HAH!

  3. April- Its not as bad as it is in your head, probably. It was more the noise than the pain. Go for it!

    TW- Thanks so much! We really liked that we were getting similar tattoos, but with different execution. We both love them!

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