just plain stupid…


“Diets don’t work, but Weight Watchers does.”


5 thoughts on “just plain stupid…

  1. sarah

    I found it odd that the two places I saw the commercial played most often were “The Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency” (don’t ask–it’s for my sister), and on any diet type show, like “The Biggest Loser” and “National Body Challenge”. Stupid all the same.

  2. Carrie- Im not sure where I was going with it. ha! But the whole thing makes my skin crawl.

    breadchick- I consider anything that makes you monitor what you eat/count calories, a diet.

    April- I had to do a double take. I even rewound it, to make sure I heard it right the first time.

    sarah- So stupid. Pimping any diet as not a diet is ridiculous. I cant imagine anyone REALLY buys into it.

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