Hilarity, over…


Just got home from Urgent Care.

My resident climber, Brody, fell trying to stand on a kiddie chair.  I heard the crash, immediately jump to my feet and into the kitchen. He hadnt started crying yet. (If your squeamish, STOP reading here.) I see his mouth is gushing blood down the front of him. I mean really bleeding. I was scared he knocked a tooth out. Or teeth possibly. I scoop him up and look inside. His little, toddler, wolverine strength teeth went through his bottom lip when he fell off the chair. I went into Rescue Mode. Got everyone dressed in a matter of minutes. (We had been in lounge wear.) Called Jaos to tell him Brodys bottom teeth formally introduced themselves to his bottom lip and off we went.

50 minutes later, Dermabond has been applied. Milkshake and stickers now in his hand.

My nerves are shot.


10 thoughts on “Hilarity, over…

  1. Carrie- So true, it is funny till teeth come through the bottom lip. Thanks!

    April- Thanks, I think he will forget in a day or 2.

    CB- Milkshakes and stickers DO make everything better. I wish that worked for life. 🙂

    Gretchen- Its a nasty thing isnt it? Mouth wounds really bleed. Alarming amounts. Thanks!

  2. OMG!!! Your poor baby Brody! And you!!! I hope that tonight will bring peace for you and that you can look back on this and laugh at all of the fun of raising munchkins! Please take care!

  3. Oh, poor you, poor Brody!
    One day I’ll tell you a little story, proving how totally nuts I am. It involves a baby, blood and an ambulance and one totally neurotic mother (usher in me – side right!)

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