A review…



A review of Barefoot Contessa Pantry: Coconut Cupcake & Cream Cheese Frosting Mix over at All Things Cupcake. I had to step things up before Jess kicked my ass to the curb. Ive been a sucky contributor of late. Please check ‘er out!

* I think this picture looks like a lead singer and his band mates. The lead singer is always a tad fancier than the rest. Yes, I have been playing Rock Band too much.ย 


6 thoughts on “A review…

  1. I just checked out the review, and was glad to hear about it. I had been wondering how good they might be. If they still taste “eh”..it would be a ton cheaper to just go and guy a betty crocker box mix..instead of 10.95 a pop. So, thanks!!

    Also, I am wondering if there is any relation between you and the tattooed mama..are you sisters?

  2. April- I have 5 brothers and am the only girl in my fam. (You can see why I have so many issues, right?) So sadly, no we are not sisters. However, if I were going to have a sister, I could only hope for one as wicked as Jess!!!

  3. lemontartlet

    Ever since you said the cupcake looked like a lead singer, I’ve been visualizing him with a mic, crooning away while a flock of seagulls swirl of coconut topping falls artfully over one eye. This is not an image I needed, as now I’m gonna have to try to draw it. Crooner cupcakes… those should be baked! *scurries off to try it*

  4. Tattooed Mama- No, I needed it, love ya too babe!

    Gigi- Im not sure I would give any box mix a rave review, its just the stigma. Im such a snob. LOL

    lemontartlet- Too funny! That picture just makes me laugh. Cant wait to see if you come up with something!

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