Saturday Confessional…


I always use salted butter.

Let the flogging begin.


16 thoughts on “Saturday Confessional…

  1. I always use unsalted, so there! I use the unsalted ’cause it has a much shorter shelf-life, so I’m fairly certain that it hasn’t been hanging out in the back of the store for months before coming to me. It just seems better, somehow, and it’s always possible to add salt, but impossible to take it out. 😉

  2. Wow…and the pedestal comes crumbling down. (I’m shaking my head in shame for you right now.really.) Ok, I’m actually totally laughing but still. Shame!!! Have you none woman? At least think of your legions of fans. Think of them…

  3. I basically always use salted butter too… I don’t like the (lack of) flavor of the unsalted stuff. But I did buy some unsalted the other day to see if it makes a big difference in the cupcakes that I make. Maybe I’ll reform.

    Or maybe not.

  4. Well, Im glad Im not the only one. I know its naughty, naughty. I guess I sum it up to always buying the same kind. Therefore Im acquainted with the salt? I just like it better. I dont know. But there you have it.

  5. It’s not kind to make people laugh when they’re in pain!

    Shame on you! Though I’ll admit I only ever used to use salted too until quite recently. Unsalted doesn’t last as long and that ins’t good because it makes me bake more and my backside is big enough! Might go back to just salted…

  6. Way to go! I use salted butter for most everything, cooking, baking, eating, etc., so I don’t waste much time with unsalted. Only for special things now and then. And, I would be caught dead near margarine.

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