Suggestions, opinions and whatever else ya wanna dish out…


I’ve been thinking about the Cupcake Hero theme for February. You know, something Valentinezy. But, I really kind of, sort of, hate Valentines. Its one one of those damn holidays that only make people who are in a relationship feel normal. And even then, too many factors go into making it a good Valentine’s Day. Did your person remember? Did they forget? Did they buy you a toaster? For me, I would rather Jaos be thoughful most days rather than ONE day of the year. On which day, the male gender has been conditioned to buy candy, flowers and general crap to profess their love, I mean Spend Mass Dollars on shite we dont need, to put Hallmark and FTD in the black.

You may just think me bitter about Valentines. Hell yes, I am. I had many, many bad Valentine’s Days. One of the more memorable ones was in High School, 9th grade. They used to sell carnations and hand them out with notes attached at lunch. I was excited as hell when I rwas handed a carnation, from a secret admirer even! WOW! Only to find out a few days later, my Mom had sent it. Isnt that a big ole fuck you. (If you happen to read this Mom, I love you, it was very sweet, but not something you do to a 14 year old girl.)

Okay, so, my point is. Im asking for suggestions, opinions and anything else you wanna say about February’s Cupcake Hero theme. Feel free to include your own Valentine’s horror stories. If there are some really good ones, I may award a prize. Dont get your panties in a bunch, it wont be anything grand. But isnt getting something in the mail from a total stranger exciting enough?

Unleash the gates of Valentine’s hell…


22 thoughts on “Suggestions, opinions and whatever else ya wanna dish out…

  1. lemontartlet

    Valentine’s Day is about… love? Always thought it was about chocolate and pink! Those carnations were always a miserable experience, watching all the other girls get them (ok, not *all* of the girls, it just seemed like it) while my desk stayed uncluttered. No good horror stories here, I was always the “little sister” type who got to get asked advice on dating all of my friends by the cute guys. Ah yes, at 14 every girl’s dream is to get punched on the arm and told she’s one of the guys!

  2. CB

    Valentines is definitely chocolate IMO. I did a google search for “valentines’ ingredients” — chocolate and seafood. Seafood cupcakes? uh… not so much. LOL. As for the valentine grams (thats what they were called at my school) my BFF and I thought ahead and bought one for each other so we didn’t look like loveless losers. teehee. Thats my motto – Plan ahead. 😉

  3. The carnations were the worst. I made a brave move one year and sent a little secret admirer poem to a crush I’d had for years, only to have him find out it was me. What’s worse? My ex-boyfriend had committed suicide 2 days earlier. Now THAT was a bad V-day. I hear you on those stupid carnations. Boo!

  4. Not a Valentine story, but a mom story… First day of my big girl job, 22, a couple months after graduating from college… sit down at my desk after meeting everyone for the first time and the receptionist brings over a ridiculously large flower arrangement. “Aww, from my boyfriend?” Nope, from Mom 😉 Talk about embarrassment! But, ya know, they love us 🙂

  5. Monty

    What about something historically inspired? Venus mythology, for example. Staying away from cupid… I mean, you can look at GOBS of renaissance paintings for inspiration. There’s so much symbolism that you could pull from. 🙂

  6. I agree! The carnation thing was the worst. I was with you, not ever getting one, not even from my mom…

    What if the theme was “thoughtfulness” like a favorite of a loved one or something? I know thoughtfulness isn’t an ingredient, but… And, then it’s not so lovey-dovey pink-and-red roses-and-hearts, but just thinking of what someone else would love to have.

  7. Ugh, I still dislike carnations to this day. I wonder if it was the four years of high school “never receiving carnations at Valentine’s Day” trauma? Maybe we could make cupcake shaped Valentines and then send them to a fellow Cupcake Hero participant? We’re stilling making cupcakes just not baked. 🙂

  8. lemontartlet- Im with ya, I have 5 brothers, and was always a guys girl.

    CB- I knew someone would say chocolate. I think if we go that route, it should be bitter chocolate.

    Jennyfer- Yikes, thats the worst Valentines ever! You poor thing. HUGS!

    MIchelle- Aww, thats sweet though!

    Monty- Sweet idea, I wouldnt have thought of that. Ill look into it.

    Jen- Thats a sweet idea too! I hate the lovey dovey pink shite!

    Gigi- Im so glad Im not the only carnation hater. Thats a very thoughtful idea. May have to look into an anti-valentines card ring.

  9. I’m thinking something pink for Valentine’s day. Strawberries would be nice but aren’t really in season. What about roses? People could do a rose petal topping, rose or rosehip flavoring, etc? I don’t know if this is too limited or if it would make people be creative?

  10. cupcakerehab

    LOL the mom thing is funny… when I was 16 one of my friends, Jess, was the only one out of my group who had a boyfriend, and she brought in a single rose for all of us who didn’t. Thats almost as sad, believe me. Whats sadder is carrying it around all day, and when people make comments about how sweet my boyfriend is, admitting that I didn’t have one and my friend did it just so I didn’t feel AS pathetic when her boyfriend had a dozen roses and candy delivered to the school. Whats worse is it was an all-girls school, and most of them had rich boyfriends who did that stuff on Valentines Day, so if you didn’t have a boyfriend or had one who was lucky to have bus fare to come see you that day let alone get you roses, you looked pretty sad.

    Then I got a boyfriend and after the first year, he was just an asshole who ONLY gave me pretty things and any attention on Valentines. The other 364 days of the year I didn’t exist.

    But despite that, I’ve always loved V-Day. I love pink, and hearts are my favorite shape, so maybe thats why? Plus now I’ve got a great boyfriend so everyday is Valentines Day for me. *cue vomit*

    I’m excited for pink cupcakes. Whatever the ingredients will be, mine are definitely going to be pink. Pink overload!

  11. How about aphrodisiac ingredients for a theme? Chocolate of course….honey, strawberries, etc?

    Also, worst Valentine’s Day ever? my boyfriend told me for days that he had something really special planned for me….turns out the special plan was that he was going to replace the carburetor in my car for me.

    Which was nice, but one of the reasons why he is my X now. 🙂

  12. I’m an anti-pink anti-valentine myself. I can’t stand anything lovey dovey, schoompy whoopy, honey bunny. My eyes roll so hard they hurt.

    I like Jen’s idea of ‘thoughtfulness’. Make something that we know someone else will appreciate – whoever they may be friends, family, a partner. Let’s open up Valentine’s Day to the world.

  13. kate

    i don’t know what a cupcake hero theme is given i am new to your blog, BUT, i do share your general dis-trust of valentine’s day. it is so hallmark manufactured and icky on the commercial side of things.

    that being said my (awesome) husband and i started a tradition we love given that we’ve both felt less-than-excited about vday in the distant past.

    we started making Top 10 Lists. and going out for chocolate cake. we used to live in Seattle, so we’d pick a new restaurant every year and get a honkin’ slice o’ cake, coffee and read our lists to each other. some sample lists are: “Remember the time we…” or “You are a great mom/dad because…” now we love vday! and since we no longer live in the city, i usually make the chocolate cakey treat, so give over a good cupcake recipe, will ya!?


  14. Whoa- I was so totally thinking about this. What kind of cupcakes to make for Valentine’s Day. Cause I already finished up coffee this weekend but have been too lazy ass to write it up and post pics. I’m bad.
    And hey! Carnations suck anyway. Any man who truly loves you sends Lillies or Orchids. It’s a law. {at my house anyway}
    Maybe secret is something like cream filled? Get us to try something new versus focusing on the ingredient per se? Liquor inspired (since you like that so much, heh) We can drink away the pain. Hell, you know me. I’m all for red wine! Bring on the Red (wine) Velevet cupcakes with Bitter Chocolate Ganache.

  15. rachel- I see how you can ignore the hearts and what not. But as a girl in a house of boys, we dont do pink here. haha

    CB- I thought youd like that 😉

    sara- strawberries would rock, but not being in season makes them rough. roses are an interesting concept. Ill give that some thought.

    lemontartlet- Im considering both those ideas. anti-Valentines theme. unsure though.

    cupcakerehab- Im glad you found a sweet one! That rocks! I think Ill always hate the holiday no matter what. Im a grudge holder like that. 😉

    Amanda- Knowing what I went through to get Guiness for gingerbread cupcakes a couple months ago, I dont wish that on anyone. But I like where your going with that.

    Libby- Thats just sad. How is fixing your car is at all Valentines worthy, youd have to be a total jackass to think like that. Although having a guy who can fix your car is pretty sweet.

    KJ- I liked that idea too, its on the list!

    Kate- Thats awesome. I wish we had some special thing we did. But at this point I refuse to give any merit to the holiday. Yes, still bitter.

    TW- Thats a good idea. Instead of an ingredient, a certain kind of cupake? Hrmm. Good one. Ill add that to the list.

  16. its a pity tt valentines day is losing its true essence.. even here its over commercialised. EVERYONE from florists to resturants and even lingerie shops are making their big breaks in this season of “love” wat a drag…prices everywhere are increased 3-fold at least…GAWD

    i have never reallie celebrated a proper v-day before so i guess i’ve no comments to make on this matter. Not tt i want to anyway. save me of the extra cash. thank goodness my current bf’s bdae isn’t ard the season. hehe.

    as for the next cupcake hero theme, i totally agree with pink theme! its so… lovey dovey icky.. haha. let there be an overdose of pink yar!

  17. bombshellwithin

    [Hi! I wandered over from tartlet’s blog. Heard the call of the cupcakes!]

    OH goodness! I am not alone in my dislike for Vday! I don’t have horror stories from Vday, though I have had years (particularly highschool, though I never had a bf for the occasion) where I made out like a bandit. No carnations… those are filler flowers. Roses, pink-peach all the way!

    But, I’m just the kind of girl who buys candy for all her friends, and then proceeds to buy flowers for her closer friends. Then I convince ALL the single guys to make girls’ days by giving their closest girl friends flowers or chocolates too.

    Last Vday just sucked… but I won’t go into that. But!!! I did make an amazing discovery at Walgreens with a Love Lobster!! Nothing says love like a gawdy red demented looking crustacean seemingly banished from a deep level of hell! (Look it up so you don’t think I’m exagerating on this description). Should we dip him in chocolate and pass him on? That does go with the candy seafood suggestion!

  18. I am a dork and actually love playing with those silly candy hearts that taste awfull and have the messages written on them. Maybe a theme of candy? That way if you don’t like Valentine’s Day (being that it’s a ridiculous commercial holiday with no real meaning) you could do something pretty dark.

    I like the thoughtfullness idea too.

    My husband and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. January 14th is the anniversary of our first date and that’s a much more romantic day for us. He had to drive 45 miles through a snowstorm for the first date and then saved me from falling when I slipped on some ice. He’s so sweet.

    I never got a carnation either. Always hated those damn things.

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