Best day ever…


Blog Stats

Total Views: 25,000

Best Day Ever: 429 — Monday, January 14, 2008


This made my day! Thanks to everyone who reads my nonsense. You guys are the best.  xo


14 thoughts on “Best day ever…

  1. how do you get those stats? i need to do that. . . do you have a good way you could share? either comment on my blog or email me (if you don’t mind) ktmay2 (at) adlephia (dot) net. thanks!

  2. lemontartlet

    Ok, so i check your site once or twice. *cough* Thank goodness reading blogs about this stuff doesn’t have as many calories as making the stuff. This tartlet would be as big as a house!

  3. Thanks everyone, yes, stat whore here. If only Jaos’ website didnt get like 7,000 a day. He always mentions it, just to keep me on my toes. JERK! (Love you)

  4. lemontartlet

    Stat whore here too… one of those cheap ones that hangs out on street corners in uestionable parts of town where you find old gum on the sidewalk and people litter without consequences. Would it make you feel better if I told you that your best day number is about the same as my total number? Which… you know.. I might get higher if I would go post something usefull instead of making annoyingly long comments. Ahem. *giggle*

  5. I KNEW you were one of the popular girls! Outed at last… now the question remains. What will you do with this power? Will you fight for all that is good and tasty or will you go to the dark side and start making vegan sugar-free cupcakes? Ok, just joking. Kinda. Congrats on your good day. Goodness knows I love this place.

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