My first cupcake inspired field trip…


Soon as my oldest gets on the bus, Im off to my first Cupcakery. We have 2 in the ‘burgh. I haven’t been because they are kind of outta the way. And I always have kids in tow. But, if I dont just pack em up and go, Ill never do it. And I had nothing to write about today… Ill have cupcakes to talk about in a bit…


4 thoughts on “My first cupcake inspired field trip…

  1. I’m 100% sure we don’t have any cupcakeries over here in East Bumblefuck. I’m also pretty sure that a cupcakery wouldn’t fly here. We don’t even have any bakeries other than the ones in the grocery.
    That being said, please describe this cupcakery (and cupcakes) so that I can drool with envy all over my keyboard!

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