What did you have this morning?

I had a stale milk chocolate cupcake. And to make it seem ok, a diet coke.

The milk chocolate cupcakes are wicked good too. Im sure it would be been killer while still fresh.


10 thoughts on “Breakfast…

  1. I had some frosted mini wheats, with a cup of coffee and a piece of yellow cake with some really stale caramel icing. I think that I would have rather had the milk chocolate cupcake!

  2. The really shameful part is, I had a vanilla cupcake for lunch too. I need to stop. But I also need to get to testing Hero cupcakes too. Too many cupcakes, so little time.

  3. I had a diet coke and a pound cake cupcake straight out of the oven. Then I had another warm cupcake. Mooooooo!

    I’ll email you my cupcake hero entry as soon as my stepdad resizes the photo for me!

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