Saturday Confessional…


I have seen every single episode of Dawson’s Creek. The shameful part being, I watched it years after it went off the air. When it was replayed in sequence on TBS. Damn you TBS!


4 thoughts on “Saturday Confessional…

  1. Your Older Brother

    If this is Saturday confessional then I will own up. After years of making fun of Dawson Creek and saying it was so gay and totally giving my sister hell for watching that crap….i’ve seen every episode. I know I know. Im ashamed of myself. I got hooked on freaking TBS too. Damn Katie Holmes. I had to watch like 3 basketball games a day to get my manliness back. hehe. So to my sister, I say im sorry i chastised you. And to Tom Cruise…thanks for ruining pure Katie with your demon seed. What a freak! Luvs Lar.

  2. I’ve seen every episode, too. I watched it while it was new, without missing an episode – without DVR. Crazy. I agree with your older brother, I’m not sure about the whole Tom & Katie situation, especially with that last video he just did for Scientology… he’s really disconnected in a scary way.

  3. you are not alone in this. i had the hots for pacey for a long time. my addiction to the creek was followed up by an even more embarrassing addiction to gilmore girls

  4. Emily

    Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. I also discovered the joy of Dawson’s Creek on TBS. But then I couldn’t stand waiting for only daily doses and got a Netflix subscription. Oh, the joy…

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