Tuesdays with Dorie: Perfection Pound Cake


This week, it was my turn to pick the recipe we would bake. After the past 2 weeks of super sugar rushes, I thought I would tone it down a tad bit. With my brother, Drew, coming into town, I chose something he would love. Perfection Pound Cake. Drew does not like any fancy pants cakes. He does not like frosting. He likes plain cake, no funny business. I knew this would be right up his alley.


This cake is easy to make. Few ingredients and simple instructions. It bakes for quite a while. Apparently I didn’t bake mine long enough. I checked with a toothpick, and it came out clean. However, there was a gooey spot in the middle. Thankfully, my brother did not seem to care. Its a tasty little pound cake. It would be fantastic toasted with some jam on it. Drew took the cake with him. So, I was unable to give toasting and jam a try. When I make this again, I think Ill throw some lemon zest in. Lemon pound cake is one of Jaos’ favorites. This recipe is another keeper for sure.

TWD added another member this week, Jaime of Good Eats n’ Sweet Treats. Welcome Jamie! Please check out how April, Michelle and Jamie did with their Perfection Pound Cake!


*I have removed the recipe, if you want to check it out, GO BUY THE BOOK! 🙂

19 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dorie: Perfection Pound Cake

  1. stacielk

    I look forward to Tuesdays and all you girls’ posts on Dorie’s recipes. Your pound cake looks great! I’ve had the bit of gooey yet in banana bread when I make it, I think that part is the best!

  2. Mmmm pound cake. I finally made the coffee cupcakes – I experimented just for you (and Jaos of course)!. Will post about it tomorrow. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute!

  3. at least your crust did not over-brown! 🙂 i think i waited too long before covering mine (or my oven temp is off), resulting in a crust that was a bit browned. i’m sure your pound cake still tasted great too. i love the idea of a lemon pound cake – and thought about doing that this time around (but was afraid to experiment!)…. one of my favorites is the lemon pound cake at starbucks that is drizzled in icing!

  4. April- Thanks babe! Yours was gorgeous as well!

    Michelle- I didnt cover mine, its probably my oven. Its always off. And I clearly didnt leave mine in long enough either. Your cake looked fab too!

    stacielk- Thanks so much! When I make my Grams Coconut Pound Cake, I bake it a few minutes less so it stays gooey in the middle. I love it too.

    Gretchen- Thanks!

    Dorie- I almost passed out when I saw you left me a comment. You are entirely too sweet! I kind of wish I wasnt such a doofus now. ha! Baking from your book has been the most fun for us. Thanks so much!!!!

    Amanda- Thanks babe! And I know! How cool is that????

    Nikki57- Thanks!!

    Gigi- Thanks, we have a good one picked for next week. Im excited about it too.

    MrsPresley- My husbands fav cake at the bucks is the lemon pound cake! I am so going to try it. Im so glad you joined our little group!

    kate- I wish I could share, we actually, I wish I had kept some in the house! My brother took it home with him.

    Deborah- I dont understand the anti-frosting deal. I am such a frosting girl. Thanks!

  5. pastry king- Actually, I didnt even see your comment until this morning. The book is not mine. And I believe I said that I undercooked the cake.

    “I checked with a toothpick, and it came out clean. However, there was a gooey spot in the middle.”

    We liked the cake despite it being slightly undercooked. Why my undercooked cake bothers you, I dont know. Whatev.

    Thanks for stopping by however. 🙂

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