Cupcakes to take to work…


I am planning on taking cupcakes to Jaos’ work tomorrow for his birthday. I dont want to go to the store. Its snowing out, and I am lazy. I want to make 2 kinds because I need about 36 cupcakes. I have a ton of bananas that are primed for baking. You know, turning nice and brown and yuck. I have several kinds of chocolate. I have a can of dulce de leche. I have peanut butter. I have different kinds of jams and jellies. I have butterscotch chips. And you know I have coffee.
What flavors should I bake?


9 thoughts on “Cupcakes to take to work…

  1. How can you choose from all of the ingredients that you have on hand? You could do a PB and banana with a chocolate frosting……or a dulce de leche and coffee….hmmmm, decisions, decisions….

  2. You’ve probably got some molasses, ground ginger, cloves, and cinnamon, so you could make gingerbread cupcakes — the recipe on allrecipes is very good (though their icing recipe is really wrong–any other cream cheese icing works)

  3. What Did You Eat? has a fantastic Hunk of Burning Love cupcake. It’s a banana cupcake with a chunk of chocolate in it and a spicy peanut butter frosting. It’s really tasty.

    I also like just plain hershey chocolate cupcakes.

  4. April- The funny part is, I have a little of this and a little of that. Not like a whole lot of anything. My pantry is a mess.

    Laura- Good idea, jaos loves gingerbread too!

    Carrie- Thats what I have been craving. PB Nanner Chocolate.. YUM

    Mary- OoOo Ill have to check it out. Spicy PB sounds very interesting.

    TW- I do have rum left, how did you know 😉 Thanks for the links babe, Im def going to look into it. Id like to put that rum to good use, other than its typical rum n coker Ive been having on occasion.

  5. What about making the chocolate into brownies with a little blob of dulce de leche in the middle topped with an espresso buttercream frosting?


    A Banana peanut butter cupcake with chocolate chips and chocolate frosting.


  6. Mrs L- No kidding, Im making a mental list here!

    Gretchen- I love the brownie idea. Thats easy as can be to do too. And I adore all things banana, the combs sound fab.

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