What are you baking this weekend?


On the agenda, for me, is banana cupcakes, muffins, cake or pie. Still unsure, but the bananas on my counter are screaming to be used. Then, coffee cupcakes, coffee cupcakes and more coffee cupcakes. After that, hopefully doughnuts. I want to participate in this event. If I can squeeze it in. I have never made doughnuts. Its the oil that worries me a little. Hopefully, I’ll find time to give ‘er a go.

What are you baking this weekend?


13 thoughts on “What are you baking this weekend?

  1. I just finished some brownies with a cream cheese swirl. I also have oatmeal cookies, mini cheesecakes, and berry muffins on the menu. Haha, don’t think I’m going to eat all that though — it’s all very small batches and the cookies will probably be delivered to my grandma. 🙂

  2. lemontartlet- carrot cake is always good. Cant wait to hear how it turned out.

    CB- OoOo both combos sound fab. Yummo is right.

    Alicia- You sound like me, tons of things on the agenda, but Ill be lucky if I actually make half of them. Good luck to you!

    Cass- Your madelines look so very cute, and raspberry muffins, YUM!

  3. I want to make a Pavlova for Game night (my friends and I get together and play board games). I just can’t decide what flavor combos I want to use.

  4. Oh my gosh- I have a baking frenzy planned too. I’m trying to pick my battles. There are so many damn cewl blogging events and of course they all seem to climax this weekend. I’m sorry to hear about your DB. I’m scared cause I put it off til this weekend. I don’t know how the hell you plan on doing all of these AND cupcake Hero. You are crazy girl! I say mash those bananas and put them in a freezer ziploc and store those bad boys in the freezer for a rainy day. For the love of gawd woman!

  5. Luki- OoOo fancy! I have never made a pavlova. Cant wait to see what you decide on.

    TW- Im behind the 8ball event wise too. The doughnut one, the little tart one, the homemade gourmet one. Which I have baked for, just nothing Id want to turn in. Its hard to do it all AND do all the cupcakes I need to bake this weekend. I did start on the cakes last night. And they were wicked good. Good idea on the nanners. I dont see them getting used. I refuse to throw away 5 bananas! Its either freezer or baby food.

  6. You would throw together some sour cream banana bread with them, and put the loaves in the freezer. That’s what I always do when I notice bananas about to go bad, it’s a pretty quick batter to whip up.

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