Saturday Confessional…


I am dreadfully afraid of gelatin.

As a kid, I got wicked sick on Field Day after eating Jello Squares. This happened several years in a row. One year, I had a little league game the evening of Field Day. Black cherry Jello Squares punked me once more, causing me to puke on home plate. I am Jack’s absolute humiliation.* The torment I got for years was oh so fun. Well, it was probably only a couple weeks, but I was a kid, it seems liked years. Ahh, good times. Why I continued to eat the Jello Squares all those years, Ill never know. Let’s call it childhood stupidity. As you can see, my hatred of Jello is justified.

I avoid any recipes that contain gelatin. Just the thought of slimy, mucousy gelatin makes my stomach flip-flop. I hope to turn this fear around. But, I’m not sure where to start. It will not be with Jello squares.

*If you have not seen Fight Club by now, whats wrong with you?? Go rent it, better yet, buy it. Its a must own.


8 thoughts on “Saturday Confessional…

  1. As a kid with a My Little Pony obssession and a wooden corral full of those Bryer model horses, somebody told me geletin was made from horse hooves. From that point on, I always felt uneasy eating the stuff. Go ahead, laugh,

  2. Ha! I’ve seen Fight Club ~ you’re right, it’s a must see. Gelatin freaks me out too, someone once told me it is made from crushed animal bones(?)… that’s probably not going to help your fear. Sorry.

  3. lemontartlet- You wont hear me laugh. I hate the stuff!

    Carrie- LOVE Fight Club. I just watched it again on demand. Your right, thats not going to help. Thanks 😛

  4. *sighs and avoids drawing the chemical structure of gelatin*

    I think Jello is best made with layered parfaits. You pick a two two flavor combinations and then the center layer is created from a cream cheese jello created with the flavorless gelatin pack. You create each layer, letting it set completely before setting the next layer on top. It’s a rather more refined way of having jello, me thinks. I would give you the recipe for the cream cheese layer, but my mother is the one who makes this and not me, so I’d have to ask her.

  5. gelatin is so disgusting! i work in pastry in restaurants, and i have to tell you that 99% of restaurant desserts contain gelatin hiding somewhere. it’s quite unfortunate, but keeps me from snacking on most of what we make at work, which is good. i had to make a huge batches of marshmallow each thanksgiving at the first place i worked…40 sheets of gelatin melting in hot sugar syrup smells like a slaughterhouse!

    i do wonder about kosher gelatin…it must be made from agar…

  6. Hey! yep gelatin can be disgusting (even more when you know what is it and how is it done). You can try to replace gelatin by agar-agar powder. It’s a sea weed and all natural.

  7. bombshellwithin- I think the reason I have avoided parfaits is because of the gelatin! Thanks for the idea!

    Steph- Thanks for letting that tidbit out. Ill never be able to look at a dessert menu the same now. 😛

    Babeth- Im glad to hear Im not the only one who dislikes it. It seems to be more common than I thought.

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