CD winner, come get your prize..


Thanks for amusing me with your comments on the music you like. Some of them, I thought, sweet! Others I thought, wtf? But, we listen to a little bit of everything in this house. Especially Jaos. His ipod is what I would consider a mess. When its on shuffle, its scary. Never know what your gunna get. So..the way I though I would do this is, Ill tell you what is currently in my disc changer and the winner can pick which one they want. Fair enough?

Foo Fighters, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

They Might Be Giants, Here Come the ABC’s (I have 3 kids, back off!)

Radiohead, In Rainbows

The Killers, Hot Fuss

Pearl Jam, Live: 07-11-03 Mansfield, MA (Only 1 disc of this is in, but Ill send the whole thing. Im nice like that.)

The Mystery Disc,  Im not sure whats in the 6th slot. And I dont feel like walking to the car. Pick the mystery if you dare.

The winners are Enza, because she picked Journey and well, you can’t argue with Journey. And I chose a 2nd because she clearly needs some help. CB, you admitted to liking Britney, while brave, I worry for you musically. 😛

Email me at superslush AT gmail DOT com with your choice and Ill get your choice out to you as soon as I can.  


13 thoughts on “CD winner, come get your prize..

  1. w00t w00t! I won I won! I knew being a Britney fan had its perks! LOL. Ok since I have no idea who any of those ppl in your disc changer are so I’ll get back to you when my hubs comes home and tells me what he wants! haha.

  2. nikki57

    LMAO CB needs more help than a great CD will get her. Did you know that up until last week she didn’t know Blister in the Sun? Ya, it’s that bad

  3. CB- Its worse than I thought. Pick 2. You need all the help you can get!!!

    Nikki- Im beginning to see its worse than I thought. How did you get out of high school in the 90s not knowing the Violent Femmes??? Where did you live CB?? Good lord!

  4. Holy Crap batman! She doesn’t know the counting song?!?! Do you know how many field trips I had to take in HS enduring kids singing that song??!!
    First off- hy husband and I did not have a lot of CDs in common when we met (its a wonder how we ended up together really) but one of them happened to be Journey. I find it VERY oddly comforting that you like Pearl Jam and Journey. I guess I can quit hiding my CD’s now? (We also both had Tears for Fears, Weezer and the Top Gun movie. creepy, huh?)
    And. I love the Killers! You SO rock Slush. Just as long as you promise you don’t like country. (except for Patsy Cline. cause that doesn’t count. dad issues.) My husband torments me with country. The fact that my child can sing along to country songs torments me.

  5. Jaos

    More on country that doesn’t count: Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, and The Gambler (good old kenny). If it border on souther rock more than country, I’m usually pretty forgiving.

  6. Oh come on now, Merle Haggard counts. There ain’t nothing rock about good ol’ Merle, he’s as country as it gets. Face it, if you listen to Merle you have to admit you’re listening to honest, old fashioned, redneck country. Johnny Cash doesn’t count I agree, because Johnny is an entity to himself. Does it make me odd that I find the song John Henry irresistably sexy?

  7. My iPod sounds like Jaos’! I’ve lent my jolly rancher to my best friend so he could see how much use he’d get out of one if he got one for himself. He put it on shuffle to see what I had and was shocked out of his socks. An iPod that can go from Reggaeton to Opera to Rock to Punk to Pop just kicks the booty! But like I told him, just because it’s on my iPod I need to listen to them all. I skip around in accordance to shuffle. Sometimes it shocks you and gives you that perfectly amazing music combo that you never would have thought up on your own.

    But yay!! I feel so special!! Slush said we had the same taste in music!!

  8. tw- There is a good chance the 6th slot in the car is Weezer. The green disc was in, but I dont know if it still is. Weezer is always good. And no, I do not like country. My 2 months living in Nashville did me in. I do appreciate the Dixie Chicks, if for nothing else, because of their politics. But I think you and I should stay away from that topic. I know you side with the elephant. 😛

    jaos- I like Johnny, he doesnt count. The rest you can keep.

    lemontartlet- Ill let you fight it out with him.

    bombshellwithin- Id rather not say whats on my ipod shuffle. Its shameful.

    MLO- I LOVED TMBG back in the day. Their ABCs are pretty good as far as kids CDs go. Ill take them over Radio Disney, any day of the week. And my boys love them too.

  9. well it’s got to be better than siding with the jackass right? What?!?!?! I’m just saying…
    I kid. I’m a kidder.
    I’ll grant your Johnny Cash, but pot smoking tax evading long-haired-hippie Willie has gots to go (except for that song Beer for My Horses- cuz that song has special significance in this family). Tis country my friend, thru and thru. And only The Gambler, as in the song, gets by. The rest of Kenny is a no go. I’m gonna let you have Merle Haggard cuz I’m old school and cewl like that.
    Ok, I couldn’t resist (obviously) so I checked my car CD player. I have a fancy high falootin (is that how you spell it?!?!) 6 disc CD changer too (I heart my Honda with her steering wheel controls, ahh). Stereophonics You Gotta Go There To Come Back, Martin Sexton Black Sheep, Snow Patrol Eyes Open, Rescue Me the Original Soundtrack, Brand New The Devil and God are Raging in Me, and Patty Griffin Impossible Dream.

  10. I have a Johnny Cash CD. I also have the Killers. Mob Hits 1 and 2. Mettalica the Black Album. Intro to the Michigan Opera Theater 2008-2009 season (I’m a season ticket holder). And Fergie in the car. I think I sound well rounded.

    As far as country goes, I like Johnny Cash, Dolly and Patsy Cline. And those meant to be goofy songs like She Thinks my Tractor’s Sexy and such.

  11. The hubs has spoken! He (and I) would like the PJ live please! (was it really necessary for nikki to bring up the violent femmes incident? really? sheesh!)

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