The Super Caffeinated Cupcake Hero…


I want to thank you all for baking once again for Cupcake Hero. More importantly, I want to thank you for baking for Jaos’ Birthday. He laughed at a lot of the entries. He ooo’d and ahh’d, asking me to make certain cupcakes. I think he even commented to a few of you. He was getting in the spirit. (Jaos, FTW!) I know he loved all the birthday wishes. He showed slight disapproval at being called Mr. Cupcake Hero and Mr. Quirky Cupcake. But, those comments made my day, so thank you!

I say this every month, but this month was hard. Hard with a capital H. As the entries came in, I baked away. Hoping that getting an early start on things would ease the pressure at the end. It did not. In fact, the more I baked, the more unsure we were. And even till the end we were ho-hum. Not because there was no cupcake worthy of the title, but because they were ALL fantastic. It was difficult to pick them apart and find fault. But this is the job, and someone has got to do it…


Let’s start with Amanda of Little Foodies. She made Toffee Coffee Cupcakes and while she says the toffee all sank to the bottom, her picture of the empty wrapper says it all. Its like a gooey surprise at the end of the delicious road. And they are adorable as well. Thanks Amanda!


April of Abby Sweets made Double Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes. These are a White Chocolate Cupcake, with an Espresso Truffle inside and topped with Chocolate Buttercream. Oh my, April, they are awesome. I’m a frosting gal too. All that chocolate buttercream on top. YUMMMM! Thanks April!


Beth of Our Sweet Life baked Coffee Cake Cupcakes. How smart is she? That’s super smart! Jaos loves coffee cake too, so he was thrilled with this one. You can’t go wrong with cream cheese frosting either. Well done Beth! Thanks!


Bianca baked up Mocha Marble cupcake with Espresso Buttercream. This is the first ever marbled cupcake that I have seen. Wow! Extremely creative! You know your loved when Cupcakes Take the Cake feature your cupcake too. And they did just that with this sweet cake. Thanks Bianca!


Brina of Brina Bakes made Mezzo Soy Half-Sweet Caramel Macciato Cupcakes. No, I am not kidding. She took her favorite ‘bucks drink and turned it into a cupcake. Oh my. I dont want to know the time it took to figure this one out. But they look sweet as can be Brina. Thanks!


CB of I Heart Cuppycakes baked Chocolate-Coffee Cupcakes with Mocha Ganache and Marscapone Cream. And she isn’t even a coffee lover. Thankfully her hubs is and was glad to reap the rewards of this challenge. Way to take one for the team CB’s hubs! They look so cute too!! Thanks CB!


Christopher baked us Tiramisu Cupcakes and his friend Samantha of So Suburban posted it for him. Love the group effort guys, as well as this super confection of a cupcake. You meant business here! And while I think this borders on a fancy dessert, we don’t discriminate. The whole cupcake family is adored here. Thanks!


Gretchen of Canela & Comino made Quad Shot Brownie Cupcakes. She told a wicked story about waking up to drink coffee in Columbia. Please check it out. She must know of our love of brownies. And brownies with frosting, forget about it. My boys would devour them. Thanks Gretchen! (Love the candle, your so sweet!)


Jen of Beantown Baker baked White Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes. Jen was very smart asking what Jaos and I preferred from Starbucks. As a cupcake, good googley, heaven I tell you. Jen is our new best friend. Thanks Jen!


Kimberley of KimberleyC Baking baked up Coffee Mocha Cupcakes with Ivory Water Icing. They look lovely with the thin layer of icing. Sometimes a little icing is all you really need! Gorgeous photo as well. Thanks Kimberley!


Liz of Food Snobbery is my Hobbery made Chocolate Espresso Bean Cupcakes. Liz who doesn’t drink caffeine decided to chop up chocolate espresso beans and put them in a cupcake. Great idea! She also states she was hopped up for several hours after. ha! I hope your caffeine crash wasn’t too hard on you. Thanks!


Luki of Sinfully Sweet baked Frappucino Cupcakes. These are the monster of all cupcakes. Not only do they have frosting, but they have filling and a filling for the frosting. I kid you not. I do not joke about such serious matters. Luki took several shots at getting them just right, and we are so glad she did. Thanks Luki!


Marilla of Cupcake Rehab made Chocolate Cheesecake Muffin Cupcakes with Coffee Filling. Marilla got this recipe from Tattooed Mama, and this recipe is making the rounds for a reason. Its good. How can you go wrong with chocolate cake, cheesecake and coffee buttercream filling? Plain and simple, you can’t. Thanks Marilla!


Mary of Shazam in the Kitchen baked Espresso Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting. Her volleyball team acted as professional taste testers and gave them the go ahead. With the scent of a latte when she opens the box, what a lucky team, Mary! Thanks!


Michelle of Culinography made Mocha Chocolate Cupcakes with Kahlua Frosting. Shes a coffee junkie like us. Caffeine is where its at people. These cupcakes don’t mess around. Coffee, chocolate and coffee liquor, Michelle knew what she was doing. Her photos are absolutely gorgeous too. Thanks Michelle!


Michelle of Clever Cupcakes baked Caffè Moka Cupcakes. I would love for Michelle to take a picture for my header, boy. Look at that! Gorgeous! And her cupcakes are killer. This one has Cinnamon Whipped Cream Filling and Mocha Italian Meringue Buttercream. Michelle came to represent! Thanks Michelle!


Minko of Couture Cupcakes made Banana Custard Cupcakes with Coffee Ganache. All that frosting piled on top, YUM! We always have bananas to be used in this house. This is a welcomed addition as a way to use them up. Thanks Minko!


Prissycook baked Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez Cupcakes. I dont speak french, but I think that means “wicked good chicory cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting and a beignet on the top.” A doughnut on top of the cupcake. Prissycook, you are on to something here. That is sheer brilliance! Thanks!


Sara of Cupcake Muffin baked Mocha Meringue Cupcakes. She made these beauties for a MLK day cocktails, wine and cheese party she attended. They are very elegant looking. I love the browned meringue. The dark bits are my favorite! Thanks Sara!


Steph of A Whisk and A Spoon baked Cappucino Cupcakes. Let me say, Steph takes the sexiest pictures of cupcakes. They are total Cupcake Porn. If I want to salivate over a cupcake, any kind, I go to her blog. These cupcakes are fantastic warm, right out of the oven with that whipped cream on top. They are perfect. Nothing else to say. Thanks Steph!


Tammy of Wee Treats by Tammy baked Espresso Drizzle Cupcakes. Poor Tammy does not like coffee, but she didn’t let that stop her. She buckled down and got the job done. And what a fantastic job she did. Look at all that frosting. My boys would be in heaven. They normally leave the cake. Silly kids. Thanks Tammy!


Tracy of Cake Batter and Crumbs made Tiramisu Cupcakes. She uses dark rum in the syrup that goes over the cake, yes! Finally, a wicked good use for that enormous bottle of dark rum from the cranberry CH. Thank you Tracy! I really did need another recipe to use that rum in. One can only drink so many rum ‘n cokes.


Tempered Woman, or as I call her, TW, baked Figgy Mocha Cupcakes with Orange Marmalade Cream Cheese Frosting. TW’s hubs and daughter loved them. Smart folks! They loved them so much, they begged her to make more coffee themed cupcakes. So….


TW made more. For the second round, she baked Chocolate Chocolate Chip Frappucino Cupcakes. Good lord TW! Now, I personally think shes just trying to stack the deck. But, man, her cupcakes are sinfully good. I mean wickedly, gluttony good. So, I will not mock her too much. Although, mockery is the sincerest form of mockery. Thanks TW!


Molly of Batter-Splattered baked us Mocha Cupcakes with Walnuts. Please do not let the simplicity of the name fool you. These cupcakes are amazing. We did as Molly suggested:

“Lemme tell you the problem with most cakes and cupcakes: it’s that whole ‘cool on rack’ part towards of the end of the recipe. Who wants to wait that long to pound back a slice of divine-looking cake or down a cute cupcake in three bites?

This recipe has thought of everything. You get to eat these warm!”

Jaos and I were both pushing each other out of the way in front of the sink, scarfing down ooey, gooey warm cupcakes. Our fingers covered in ganache. Do not fret, we licked them clean. No way any of that chocolaty goodness was going to waste, baby!

Now, I will admit, right after we ate them, we were still unsure. They were incredible, but we had so many great cupcakes this month. Its hard to pick a winner when you have so many killer recipes to choose from. The moment of clarity came the following day. We both picked up one of Molly’s cupcakes for breakfast. With one bite, we looked at each other. We knew. This was it. These cupcakes got better overnight. More than better. All the flavors had time to develop, and even though they were no longer warm, they were fabulous. The coffee really came out 10 fold during the night. Dare I say it, but this is one of the best chocolate cupcakes I have ever had. There, I said it.

Molly, I say to you, You are THE Cupcake Hero!

You will receive all that is amended to a Cupcake Hero. Fame, Fortune, you name it. Well.. maybe not fame….definately not fortune. But, you will get a Cupcake Hero t-shirt. And you can tell everyone you know YOU are THE Next Cupcake Hero! I really don’t think it gets better than that. No, I’m sure it doesnt. 🙂

Again, thanks to everyone who baked for Jaos’ 29th Birthday. He had more cake than hes ever imagined this year for his birthday. He loved every minute of it too.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you for your kind thoughts, and sometimes not so kind thoughts, over the recent conflict here at QC. It means a lot that you guys took the time to comment, send emails and IMs. I appreciate it. You guys are the best! At the end of the day, if this is the worst thing that happens this year, it will surely have been a fantastic year. I will be sure to keep you all updated though. 😛

The theme for February will be announced on Friday, February 1st. I know you are going to love it! I have a kick-ass co-host too. Im super excited about February’s Cupcake Hero!



26 thoughts on “The Super Caffeinated Cupcake Hero…

  1. Hey~ did you just call me stacked?!?! Thankyouverymuch. Mock me all you want hotstuff. I revel in any kind of attention I can get. Makes no difference between positive or negative attention. Kind of like a kid, no?
    There were so many great entries I can see why you guys had such a tough time deciding. But what a great way to celebrate your birthday~ a whole month of cupcakes?!?!
    Happy Birthday Mr. Slushed
    (hehe, see what I did there? figured someone needed to finish covering all the bases).

  2. I want a recount! I am sure some of those votes for me were hanging chads! RECOUNT RECOUNT! LOL. I tease. Congrats to Molly and thanks for hosting Mr and Mrs Cupcake Hero. (Don’t be hating on me Jaos! )

  3. Jaos

    TW – don’t objectify me, I am my own person 😉

    CB – you don’t know how hard it was helping laur pick this month. I really loved them all… I almost became tired of cupcakes while tasting all of them (I know, that is probably blasphemy around here).

  4. Congrats to Molly!!!

    I’m almost sad that I didn’t make an attempt to enter any recipe this month, being so new to your scene and all. But now… looking at all those marvelous cupcakes, I’m more intimidated than ever!! Oy…

    Mr. Slushy Quirky Cupcake Hero, it is near herecy to say you were growing tired of cupcakes. But, to think! Everyone rolled out the coffee red carpet just for you!

  5. I would like one of each, please! I’m going to have to try baking a few of these just for fun someday soon.

    Congratulations to Molly and way to go for everyone else. They all look delicious and beautiful. The creativity you guys show is astonishing!

    (Oh, and Happy Birthday Mr. Quirky Cupcake LOL)

  6. OH MY GOODNESS, they all look amazing! I love coffee cake! Wouldn’t it be good if we could all get together and bring our cakes for real. We’d then get to taste all of them. That would be quite some head rush this month!

    Keep your chin up Sweetie you’re my Cupcake Hero! xx

    Congrats to Molly too. How could they not win, warm, oozy, melting yummyness!

  7. Congrats Molly! I can’t wait till I have enough people over to make your cupcakes. I’d be at it right now if I didn’t really believe I could eat 12 of those by myself.

  8. zebe912

    I already baked the winning cupcake this morning since it sounded SO good. It was AWESOME. Even though I’ve decorated cakes for years, I’ve always used boxed mix for chocolate because there wasn’t a homemade one I’ve ever liked. I think I’ve found my go to chocolate cake recipe!

  9. Thanks to all who stopped to check out the winner, I 2nd all the congrats to Molly. Her cupcakes rock!

    tw- Very, very welcome. In this family, the more your mocked, the more your loved. Thats what I get for being the only girl. I comformed. My brothers barely consider me a girl. If I hadnt birthed 3 kids, they wouldnt consider me a girl at all. Nice eh?

    CB- Ill make sure to tally the votes again, but I think we counted properly. Better luck next campaign babe.

    Michelle- It was wicked hard. And I have a feeling its only going to get harder. Ah, the things we do for cupcake. ha!

    bombshellwithin- I hope you join in next month!

    Amanda- Man, a IRL Cupcake Hero contest, thats my dream right there.

    zebe912- I cant believe you made them already, but I dont blame you. They are so worth every calorie. And they will be even better tomorrow. Trust me.

  10. Congratulations Molly!! I can’t wait to make those-they look FABULOUS!! Everyone made such delicious looking entries, thank you again for hosting such a wonderful event!
    Can’t wait for Feb!!

  11. cupcakerehab- Have at it. You wont be sorry, I swear it!

    Deeba- Man, bad timing! Hope youll play next month!

    beth g- thanks! new theme tomorrow with any luck!

    Thanks everybody for stopping by! I appreciate it!

  12. congrats molly! i am waiting with baited breath for the announcement tomorrow of next month’s theme. i am flattered that you would want me to take a picture for your header. if you have anything in mind let me know!

  13. Hi! I know I’m just few months late, but just found your article on all of these fantastic coffee cupcakes. I want them all! But to start with, I was really hoping to find the recipe for the Mocha Marble Cupcakes with Espresso Buttercream. Is there any way I could have the recipe forwarded to me? Thank you so much! I’m drooling just thinking about them. I love your blog!!!

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