Saturday Confessional…


I was a high school cheerleader.

 This one goes out to TW.   Yes, I was a cheerleader in high school. Not the typical one. More like the one that the rest of the squad wished didn’t try out every year. The outcasted one.  Back then I felt like I was bucking the system sort of.  But admittedly, I loved it. That’s why I tried out every year. We won several trophies for our cheerleading skillz, too. Ahh, the memories.

9 thoughts on “Saturday Confessional…

  1. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Ack, ack, can’t breathe. clutching chest…
    I, I , I just don’t think I can ever look at you the same…
    I’m going back to bed. I just can’t take this. First the salted butter, now this. It’s like I don’t EVEN KNOW YOU anymore! I’ve been betrayed. You were a cheerleader in cupcake clothing this WHOLE time. Betrayed.

  2. I was a cheerleader in grade school… we did a dance routine to the music from an old Pepsi commercial… I was going through an “awkward” stage… I was chubby, my mom chopped off all of my hair and I’m pretty sure I looked like a boy. Home videos of this dance routine still have yet to be destroyed…

  3. tw- I anticipated that response, but I am what I am. 😛

    nikki- thanks…

    Mrs L- We probably do, it was hard being the “odd” one.

    MIchelle- That awkward stage was rough. *hugs

    Mary- All girls, whoa. I couldnt have handled that. Girls normally hate me. lol

    lemontartlet- You still dress up?

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