Its been a few days…


I am slacking off a bit. I have a cold that does not want to go away. It feels like I have had it since Christmas off and on. And I have been too stubborn to go to the Dr, because Im not wicked sick. Just tired and congested with a touch of flu-head. Bleh. Im trying to stay in, stay warm, and feel better.

So, tell me this, what makes you feel better, when you’re under the weather?

17 thoughts on “Its been a few days…

  1. Hot tea, crackers, and tangerines, romance novels so bad you can’t help rading pages out loud in disbelief, colouring books and crayons, tacky tv, curling up in sunbeams on the floor, socks, and ice cream.

  2. Hey — I’ve been sick too! I think everyone is – the only thing that has helped me is sleep or trying to sleep. Good chicken soup always helps too 🙂

  3. Oh I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well. When I’m sick I like cinnamon toast and Vernors Gingerale. Unfortunately, I have a hard time finding Vernors out here on the East Coast 😦

    Feel better soon!

  4. A generous portion of whiskey mixed with some hot tea, lemon and honey. It really helps me to sleep it off. And it’s soothing if I have a sore throat. or a cough. It’s not much help with a headache though.

    For sinus congestion I like a really spicy chili too.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. It’s the same in this house, we just can’t get rid of it for more than a week. Coughing has put my back right back to where it was on 27th Dec. I’ve seriously thought of keeping the kids off school so they don’t bring anymore germs home.

    I like to do a little on-line shopping, eat spicy food, drink nice things (including the old ginger, lemon and honey, which doesn’t seem to work anymore!), then indulge in little sweet treats, all made by someone else. I like it all presented nicely too, not slopped on a plate! Grumble, mumble, grumble, mumble…. I like everybody else to tidy up after themselves and I whisper for the housework fairy to turn up and do her magic! It never works…

    Feel better soon QC! Indulge yourself!

  6. Work has me pretty busy- I’m just getting caught up.
    When I’m sick and it just won’t go away I finally wave the white flag. I drug myself up to the eyeballs (Drixoral- litle green pills are drug of choice), put on my pj’s, sink into big fluffy bed, make sure remote is within arms reach and I call it a day. I don’t leave the bed unless I can’t sucker the kid into fetching me something. I think sometimes you just have to give your body a chance to heal, really. Sleep it off. Water and drugs. Maybe some warm broth. But complete laziness is the ticket chickey!

  7. Hmmm… hot tea with honey, a warm blanket on the couch, and chicken soup. Those combined with sleeping as much as I can get away with. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Gatorade is a good suggestion, but also ginger-beer – the really strong stuff, with lots of bite! Ginger to “warm your blood,” sports drinks to keep your electrolytes in balance, and sleep. Better to take a wee dram to get you there than it is to take nasty pills, though – you don’t want to drive it into your lungs, which is what may happen with sleeping pills. Bleh!

    Feel better!

  9. tablebread

    My wife hates me for being able to do this but what I do (the irony is she was just complaining about me doing this the other day) I drink the hottest tea I can, then wrap myself in about 4 blankets with sweats on and reemerge 12 hours later healed. She hates me for that…but it works everytime…

  10. My staple comfort food is 4 minute boiled eggs and some mashed potatoes… then again, my usual sickness is a sore throat. Biscuits are my comfort with fevers. Aside from that.. quarantining myself under the covers and reading romance novels with the cheesiest covers and titles I can get my hands on. The cycle then is to read until you sleep and then repeat.

    Then I shower, scrub myself until I shine like a new penny and use all the girly scented products I can find until I come out smelling like a fruit salad.

    Hope you get better soon!

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