The happiest day of my life…


Okay, well not the happiest, but its up there baby!!! The reason I have been neglecting my comments today is, I am the proud new owner of a brand spankin new MacBook. I went and picked her up today. She is white, and shiny and oh so pretty. And I am just so freakin excited! She has all these new bells and whistles. So many things to play with. And I can ichat, woot!

My poor frankenMac is being put out of his misery right now. As soon as he is finished transferring his guts to Miss Bright and Shiny, he is done. Im yet to decide what to do with him. There has been talk of burying him in the yard.

I am yet to name Miss Thing. Help me out, and if I pick your name, I will send you the first burned CD off her. I swear it. And I just bought 2 new CDs tonight too. πŸ™‚


16 thoughts on “The happiest day of my life…

  1. Congrats on your new MacBook! My husband got me one for Christmas and I love, love, love it, but I’ve yet to come up with a name yet either. My previous laptop’s name was Adell….and was, you guessed it, a Dell.

  2. Congrats on the new lappie! Of course we’ll need pics of the newest member right? Playing off the obvious…

    Daddy Mac
    Mac&Cheese or CheesyMac (isn’t that everyone’s comfort food?)
    Jack (short for Apple Jack)
    M.A.C (mr. apple computer)

    Ok thats enough cheese for one comment. LOL

  3. I have a MacBook Pro and looooove it. I think Macaroon would be a good name for your new Mac… it’s tech AND it’s sweet. Yay! Happy Birthday, Macaroon πŸ™‚

  4. Michelle- That made me laugh. I have known too many Lexi’s. I wont go into detail. No offense if your name IS Lexi.

    CB- Some good possibilities there.

    lemontartlet- Thats too fru-fru little poodle for me. lol

    Em- OoOo, very nice. You may be on to something there.

    Joy- haha Sparkles. My husband went to high school with a girl name Sparkle, its a running joke. Man, are we cruel. No offense if your name IS Sparkle. LOL

  5. Laurie, how exciting! You really are going to have a great time with it. I have an iBook and even thought it’s not quite up-to-speed with a MacBook, it’s great! I can’t iChat, though. 😦

  6. bombshellwithin- I know too many little kids named Mackenzie. I mean way too many. Its sad really, bc its a great name.

    Christina- My ibook is what died a very slow death. I had to put him out of his misery. He was good while it lasted. I will miss him.

  7. Vicki – after the computer in the Will Smith rendition of I Robot. Yeah, Vicki was kind of evil … but in a good sort of way. She wanted to keep people from killing each other, so she was going to lock them all up. To keep them safe.

    So, yeah, I guess I’m saying that you should name your computer after an evil robot who tried to take over the world, from a film which was a poor take on the writing of a great man.

    Parallel with Mac? Well … yep. πŸ™‚

  8. I am so envious*! We are a Mac household, but no laptops. I’ve been thinking lately how great it would be to have a MacBook, but unfortunately daycare expenses have priority. Enjoy!

  9. steph- Thats a really good one. I like that.

    Di- We are a Mac household now too. Jaos got a shiny new macbook with me.

    Nikki- It is def a funny one. CB is a silly girl.

  10. MacFierce… because it’s totally fierce? What about MacPhereson… she’s so chic that she’s a supermodel.


    What about…. Angel? She’s white and pearly… and I’ve got angelfood on the brain.

    Oh! And I’ve got a naming contest on my blog going… for the adorable bunny I got for vday. Seems no one wants the yummy prize I’ve got offered. 😦

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