Saturday Confessional

I do not like any kind of melon.

10 thoughts on “Saturday Confessional

  1. zebe912

    I really like cantaloupe, but most other melon doesn’t do much for me. My hubby is definitely in the anti-melon boat with you all.

  2. Wait. Just wait a second, here. You mean to say that you don’t like cucumbers? Pumpkins? Hard-shelled squash? They’re all melons – all of the cucurbits are so closely related that they’ll interbreed right in your garden, giving you all sorts of bizarre interesting fruit.

    I think that you should question your dislike – and maybe make things like watermelon salad with red onions, or any number of savory dishes using sweet melon.

  3. OT …. Did you know that it’s terribly hard to type when you’re drunk on you’re b-day

    Now onto the topic… what’s wrong with you. I don’t like most melon, but watermelon. How can you not like watermelon? What’s wrong with you?

  4. I don’t much like fruit in general. I’m very picky about it. But I did have some delicious watermelon gazpacho on my honeymoon. It’s the only time I’ve liked watermelon.

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