Homegrown Gourmet 5, better late than never, no I think not…

Good intentions did not assist me this month in participating in Homegrown Gourmet 5. I desperately wanted to participate because my friend Gretchen, of Canela & Comino, is this month’s host. Twice I tried my baking hands at Shoe Fly Cupcakes, which are a sister to Shoe Fly Pie. I grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch territory and Shoe Fly Pie is common in every bakery there. However, both attempts came up, very, very poor. They were not even eaten. Poor things, it wasn’t their fault!
So today, I asked Gretchen when she was posting the round-up and if I could sneak an entry in. She is a sweetheart and said that I could. I got out my Gram Kennedy’s Huntsville Heritage Cookbook to make a traditional cornbread, that I would then “Slush-up”. I was on schedule. Muffins were made. I went to taste them. Eh, they were ok. Not great. Fantastic, I failed again!!!
To make matters worse, stomach flu has been running rampant in our house. I was the last survivor so to speak. 30 minutes after trying those cornbread muffins, flu struck. Flu stuck HARD. I do not want to make anyone sick with the details, but I may never eat cornbread again. Ever. I even debated not posting this so I wouldnt have to think about them again. Blegh.

My apologies to Gretchen. I am a sucky friend this month. I promise if you host an event again, I will be the first entry in, with something fantastic.

6 thoughts on “Homegrown Gourmet 5, better late than never, no I think not…

  1. You poor thing. I get that stupid bug every single freakin time it comes around. Really puts a crimp on my baking schedule. I’m with you on never ever eating something again after a bout too. The food item just never seems to look the same again does it? I have food that is probably great, but just thinking of it makes my stomach go into convulsive cramps. SUX!

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