My hatred of this holiday continues…


I don’t know if the Gods are just mocking me or if its just a cruel joke. No one, I mean no one should have stomach flu on Valentine’s Day. Let alone have a household full of germey, pukey, kids.

I was sick last night, awfully sick. I was finally able to go to sleep, only be awoken not once, not twice, but four times because my poor Brody had thrown up in bed. All the sheets in our house are dirty. Im up to my ears in laundry. Good times.

And even though I despise this holiday, I wish you all a very Happy and Healthy Valentine’s Day. I hope its a super lovey dovey one for you. xo


14 thoughts on “My hatred of this holiday continues…

  1. Thank you for all the well wishes. I am feeling a tad better since this morning. I have not eaten yet though, and I admit, I am scared to. I do NOT want a sequel to last night.

  2. Avoid eating! Starve the flu. Oh wait…maybe it’s starve a cold.
    If I lived nearby I’d come on over and do some laundry. Really. I’m not too squeamish when it comes to pukey matters. You need a break kiddo.
    These past couple of months seem to have really run your family through the wringer. Weren’t you guys sick just a little while ago too? Is someone trying to poisin Cupcake Hero perhaps? Maybe there is some kind of conspiracy going on?!?! Eghads, horror.

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