Feeling all warm and gooey inside…


CB of I Heart Cuppycakes asked to interview me a couple weeks ago. Maybe a month ago? I dont know, a while ago. I very awkwardly said yes. Who the hell am I? My brother is going to totally laugh his ass off when he reads this. I am a goofy, oddball, nut job. Mmmhmm, yes, I am.

CB posted the “interview” on All Things Cupcake today. The whole thing makes me feel all warm and gooey and blushy inside, and probably outside too. Its one thing to type out my nonsense on my own blog on a daily basis. But, to have it displayed in interview form on another blog… It feels kinda like spilling my guts all over….

Even though, I feel like a total goober about the entire thing, I felt I needed to acknowledge it. CB you did a great job!!! In honor of my very first interview, I am giving away Cupcake Hero buttons. All ya gotta do is leave me a comment. Then, email me your mailing address superslush AT gmail DOT com.  (US only please. Sorry abroaders, I love you guys too, I promise to go international at some point…)


21 thoughts on “Feeling all warm and gooey inside…

  1. *gives a pout and a sniffle* This is where I get all confused. Do you consider Puerto Rico to be US? We’re a territory… and USPS is standard just like any other state.. and.. and… you don’t need a passport to get here!

    oh… I don’t know why I even bother to try and figure it out anymore. Although… half the online sites don’t ship to PR anyways. I should be used to it by now.

  2. I’d say that you *should* feel all warm and gooey on the inside! Although, warm and gooey is more brownie-like than cupcake-ish. But we won’t bother too much with the technicalities. Especially since you’ve just baked that tasty-looking brownie thing. I’m glad you did it: it’s fun to read a little bit about you!

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