Monday Blahs…


Its Monday, I hate Mondays. The weekend is over. Jaos goes to work, Liam goes to school, and well, my routine stays the same. The routine for a Mom is pretty much the same everyday of the week. Kids know no weekends. But, I enjoy having Jaos home on the weekends to help with the chaos that is this household. On Mondays, I miss him. Sometimes it feels like its me vs them and their team is bigger, way bigger! So far this morning, I have cleaned up spilled milk and doughnuts off the floor. I have sent one to his room twice, AND unwrapped him from being a toilet paper zombie. (I thought he was a mummy, but I was corrected in quite a bossy manner.) I have kissed boo-boos on the other 2 more than once. I have changed diapers, and clothing from accidents. With all that said, the stomach flu has passed, thank the gods. By tomorrow, I will be well into my weekly routine and loving it.


6 thoughts on “Monday Blahs…

  1. This time will pass all too quick! My babies are past all of this, and is so depressing. I took my oldest, 12, to the orthodontist the other day, and just sitting there looking at him, I noticed that all of his baby looks are going away and he is becoming a young man. I could cry just thinking about it. With that said, it is frustrating at the time, but when you sit back and look at, I wouldn’t change it for anything.

  2. I have the Monday Blahs every week too because I hate my job with an intense passion. Today is worse because G has the day off and it’s pouring. Rain rain go away … ugh. I just want today to end

    If you want we can trade. You can take my job and bang your head against the wall with boredom and I can come play with adorable little kiddies 🙂

  3. I hope your day gets better. I’m not usually home on Mondays, but I have the day off because I’m working Saturday, and I have the girls with me because the day care is closed for a teacher-training day (every Presidents Day). I’ve only had to clean up spilled water, so I’m not doing too badly on that front. Definitely an improvement over last night, when I had to clean up after Gillian throwing up four times. At least the worst of it was confined to the bathroom and the kitchen; linoleum is much easier to clean than carpet. And I only had to change my clothes once! This is the first appearance of a stomach thing around here; for the past month we’ve been battling colds and other respiratory viruses. I’m sick of everyone being sick. *sigh*

  4. April- It is already going too fast! I dont like thinking about it.

    Nikki- Sorry you hate your job!

    Di- Oh my, I am so sorry you have the stomach flu bug. I totally feel your pain. On the night I caught it, Brody threw up 4 times in his bed or the carpet. Not good times. I hope it passes quickly for you all. This has been a really bad winter for illness, I am looking forward to spring!

  5. My husband and I work together and there’s no kids yet, but we get around the Monday thing by pretty much going to work everyday. That being said, so far today I’ve discovered I stepped in dog poop last night in my favorite running shoes, I discovered the soup I had planned for lunch had gone bad in the fridge over the weekend, I dramatically slipped on some ice and went airborn and now I have a giant bruise on my giant butt, and my sister-in-law has sent me an email (I don’t really care for her). I’m almost scared to see what else today is going to throw at me!
    I hope your day gets better! 🙂

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