I never liked tag…


I have been tagged, and tagged and tagged again. For a meme, I mean. At this point I don’t even know who all tagged me. Yes, I am a scatterbrain. Yes, I have not been paying total attention. I never liked tag anyway. I was more of a jail-break kinda gal. Late at night, well after dark, I was a kid, we didn’t get to stay up late at night. So, late at night, all my brothers and cousins would go out and play jail-break. It was seriously the most fun. Hiding all over, hearing people scream. I am a wuss, a big-time wuss. I never liked being out after dark, but I still loved to play, as long as someone would hide with me, of course. It was one of the best parts of being together during the summer. I hope my brothers and cousins get on the ball and start popping out some kids, so that my boys have someone to play jail-break with!

Okay, so I was tagged for these meme’s. And I think there were several different ones. I did not keep track. So…I am going to just do my own. Ill tag some people at the end. If you wanna particpate, do. If you don’t, don’t. I won’t take offense.

Let’s do a list of Wednesday favorites. My favorite things today. Which may or may not apply tomorrow. That sounds good to me.

Wednesday Favorites

Color- Navy blue

Fruit- Apples

Food- Brownies

Drink- Crystal Light Iced Tea, Im still doing the water thing.

Snack- Chocolate Chip Chewy granola bars

Smell- The passion fruit candles I purchased at Ikea this past weekend. YUM!

Show- In Treatment on HBO, I am soooo sucked into it.

Song- Stranger Things Have Happened, Foo Fighters

Blog- Blake Makes, Check it out.

Website- Etsy, I could browse Etsy for hours on end.

Event- Master Baker

Toy- My new macbook, closely followed by the transformers that are keeping the boys happy.

Shoes- Low top cons.

Chore- Laundry. Okay, its not my favorite, but it has to get done because we are going out of town for a long weekend. So Im saying its my favorite, in hopes it will make me want to do it more.

Okay, thats all I could think of for today. Like I said, Im gunna tag some people. If they want to play, GREAT! If not, oh darn.

Chelle- Sugar & Spice

Joy- Joy The Baker

TW- Tempered Woman

Leigh- Lemon Tartlet

Carrie- Carrie and the Koehmstedts

April- Abby Sweets

Kate- The Clean Plate Club

Jess- The Tattooed Mama

CB- I Heart Cuppycakes (I think you tagged me, but Im tagging you back, just because I can. 😛 )


4 thoughts on “I never liked tag…

  1. joy- OMG red rover… I havent thought about that in ages. That is so f’n funny. I was a roughy too. I have all brothers and didnt know any better. I liked being kinda tough too.

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