Master Baker: Cinnamon Dolce Brownies




Everyone knows I love Starbucks. Love me some bucks. My fav of the now is the Cinnamon Dolce. Its sweet, cinnamony and oh so good. When I started to think about the Master Baker event, I immediately thought of the Cinnamon Dolce latte. I decided to go the brownie route instead of cupcakes. Not because cupcakes would be harder, but because I was being lazy. Liam, my 5 year old, wanted to bake something last night. Brownies could not be easier in this situation. With Liam’s assistance, the Cinnamon Dolce Brownies were born. Unfortunately for him, they were not done baking and cooling before he went to bed. Poor boy. So I finished them alone. I have to say, they came out awesome. I used Dorie’s classic brownie recipe as a reference, and then went out on my own. I used milk chocolate this time. (Trying to correct my error in the 70% fiasco last week.) I added a good bit of cinnamon, as that was the theme for this Master Baker event. Then, I added some coffee liquor to add a touch of coffee flavor. After all, Cinnamon Dolces are more sweet than coffee flavored in my opinion.


I could not wait for the glaze to finish cooling to hack into these brownies. Which is why its all hardened into a pool in the pictures. It adds to the charm right? They came out almost how I had envisioned. I think they needed a tad more coffee flavor. Next time, I will add some espresso powder too. All in all, I think they were perfect for my first stab at turning a latte into a dessert. Jaos and I were both very pleased. We sat eating these uber sweet brownies as the Pens came back in the third to win, 3-2. Bonus!

Liam picked the jimmies used as decoration. He insisted before bed, they would need sprinkles. I followed orders.

Thanks for such a very cool event Nikki! I cant wait to see what everyone else bakes up.


Cinnamon Dolce Brownies

8 ounces milk chocolate

6 tablespoons butter

1/2 cup sugar

3 eggs

2 tablespoons coffee liquor

1 1/2 teaspoons cinnamon

1/2 cup flour

6 ounces white chocolate

1/4 cup heavy cream

2 tablespoons coffee liquor

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour a 8 inch springform, or 8 inch square pan. Melt the butter and milk chocolate over a double boiler. When the chocolate has totally melted, take off the heat. Stir sugar into the chocolate until mixed in thoroughly. Add the eggs one at a time, mixing until combined. Stir in the coffee liquer and cinnamon. Fold in the flour. Pour into prepared pan. Bake for 30-35 minutes or until a wooden tester comes out clean. Let rest for 5-10 minutes and unmold. Cool to room temperature. When cool set on a wire rack, with a piece of foil or wax paper underneath to catch the glaze.

When the brownies have cooled. Make the glaze. Melt the white chocolate over a double boiler or in the microwave. Meanwhile, bring the heavy cream to a boil. Stir the heavy cream into the melted chocolate. Add the coffee liquor, stir until smooth. Pour the glaze over the center of the brownie, letting it spread on its own. Add garnish of choice.


41 thoughts on “Master Baker: Cinnamon Dolce Brownies

  1. Happy Cook- I know, I felt bad for him. In the end I was thankful because he got sick multiple times overnight. Stomach flu round 2. bleh.

    April- Thanks!

    nikki- jimmies make everything better. 🙂

    joythebaker- I know, I cant ever leave it alone to harden. Its plain torture.

    Carrie- Oh yeah. My pants are tight. haha

  2. zebe912

    The decor around just the edges looks cool. It would look too much like a donut or birthday cake if they were all over the top. I’m not big on chocolate and cinnamon together, but if I were, I would definitely try this one!

  3. I love me some brownies! Chocolate and cinnamon. YUMMY! Its a good thing I already bribed Nikki for the win or I’d have some real competition with this sweet entry. teehee.

  4. zebe912- Liam was very pleased that I did follow through with the sprinkles. Thats my boy, its all about the sprinkles.

    CB- You dont scare me. How do you know I havent bribed Nikki myself?? huh?

  5. Holy crap those are some kicka$$ lookin brownies. Oh my gosh they are so fancy looking they do actually look like something you’d see sitting in a Strabucks counter. Cinnamon and coffee and chocolate. Oh my.

  6. Deborah- Thank you!

    Alanna- Yep, I did, but he has stomach flu again.

    TW- Thanks babe!

    Gretchen- Everyone loves sprinkles!

    luki- Let me know how it goes if you do try it!

  7. OK so if there’s white chocolate at the Walmart I will be making these for dinner. Um I mean dessert for dinner. Yeah that’s what I meant. They look super tasty.

  8. Slush and CB – both of you are free to bribe me all you want. I love bribes! I can’t promise that they’ll get you a win, but I can promise to enjoy every bit of the bribery!

  9. Man, that looks delicious (even if you did use milk chocolate). I see that it’s your new blog photo, too. Now let’s see — there is some coffee-flavored tequila in my pantry…..

  10. Mary- Did you really make them? If so, I am so glad you liked them!

    nikki- Ill be thinking something up. We will talk. 😉 😉

    Judy- I cant help it, I am just not a bitter, bitter chocolate person. I do like dark chocolate, just not the kind that makes the hairs on my neck stand up.

  11. OMG. Just OMG. That looks so good. You would be very proud of me. I made my first cupcakes and the people at work loved them! I also bought a cupcake courier. YAY! You are my inspiration!

  12. I did indeed make them. They’re very cinnamony and I’ve eaten close to half of them. They now fall into the category of they must be given away so I don’t eat them all. My glaze didn’t turn out anywhere near as pretty as yours did though.

  13. Melissa- Good for you! Cupcakes are soo easy to make. Its simple to make them look fancy too by piping the frosting on. All you need is a ziploc bag!

    Mrs L- Mmm, I could go for one right now too.

    Mary- I am so happy you made them, and thrilled that you liked them! You just made my day!

  14. I stopped at the Bucks to get one of these cinnamon dulce lattes..I haven’t had one before..don’t get me wrong, I love starbucks too, but don’t get to stop very often…I absolutely love it! It is so good! I will definitly have to try the brownies! Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  15. There I was, prepared to start working on my cinnamon entry… when I saw this. There was no sense in going on, my hands were raised in defeat as I waled, “Noooo! The brownies are too awesome, I must work harder!” The sky darkened as I shook my fist at the threatening clouds and cried, “Sluuuuuuush! I’ll get you yeeeeet!”

    Ahem. These look really good!

  16. Jaime- Thanks, he was very pleased with himself the next day. I am tickled he likes to bake.

    Ashley- Nothing better than a latte from the bucks. love them.

    dhanggit- thank you!

    April- Oh my, I am so jealous. I can never stop in the AM bc I have the 3 boys with me. Which is like 3 bulls in a china shop walking into starbucks. So glad you liked it!

    cakespy- So not fair, sorry! I hate seeing treats in the am!

    lemontartlet- Bring it on! 😛

  17. Awww, your local Starbucks doesn’t help? That annoys the crap out of me. When I was a barrista at a Starbucks in Ft. Lauderdale, I’d always help with the kids. We’d give them little sample snacks for free, carry drinks and such out to the car for moms who were carrying kids, entertain the kids a bit so they didn’t get rowdy. That kind of thing should be the standard, customer service is going so downhill these days.

  18. MIchelle- I was iffy on white chocolate until a couple weeks ago. It was/is usally too sweet for me, but I am coming around now.

    LT- Hell no, our bucks looks at me all annoyed when I cart my 3 boys in there with me. Its too hard to carry hot coffee and a baby anyway. Its more of a treat when I can actually go now. Which is good!

    Melissa- Aww, thanks!

  19. those look delicious!!! the jimmies were perfect–way to go liam! they look like a large version of a little debbie treat (i am a huge fam of LDs, so please consider that a compliment!).

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