Road trip, baby! (And Cupcake Hero Deadline Extension)


We are headed out of town for the weekend to celebrate my baby’s 1st birthday with the fam. (I will be crying. My, how that year went by so quickly, it makes me sad, very, very sad.) I’m pretty excited about it. I am baking cupcakes for the kids and a cake for the adults. Still to be determined on both accounts. I haven’t seen my fam since Xmas, so it seems like forever. Much laughing, mocking, visiting and running around will occur. As well as, some Rock Banding. We are gettin’ the band back together, oh yeah!

I’ll be MIA and slow with response till I come back probably. I’ll be checking in, because I am a blog addict and can’t help myself.


Adding a Cupcake Hero Deadline Reminder here at the end. I know I said the deadline was the 23rd, but I wont be home till the 24th and may still have to bake a TWD. If you needed time to hooch up a cupcake, you have till the 25th. CUPCAKE HERO DEADLINE IS NOW THE 25th! (I did all caps there because there was too many dates in that sentence, making sure you saw its the 25th. Yes, I am neurotic.)  Thanks to everyone who already sent in their entry. TW and I are getting tipsy just lookin’ at ’em. Keep ’em comin!

P.S. The Pens have 3 games in the next 4 days, please think good thoughts for them. We need the points. GO PENS!


13 thoughts on “Road trip, baby! (And Cupcake Hero Deadline Extension)

  1. How fun! Been missing my family a lot too, the only people I ever get to see are my mom and g-ma on her side. Moving is something I’m hoping will bring me closer to the side I grew up with, I really hate not visiting with them.

    You have a good first b-day kid, it’s only gonna get better and you got a great momma to help you make the most of the world!

  2. Thank GOODNESS!! One of the ingredients I need had to be ordered online. I ordered it the 10th and it still hasn’t come!!!

    Happy 1st to your little one. Enjoy the time with the fam.

  3. LT(Yes, I shortened it. You are dubbed LT)- Aww, arent you sweet. It is hard missing family. I really enjoy it when I am with them.

    kate- Maybe next month, I know how hectic things are with kids.

    Jen- Ooo, I am so interested! I cant wait to see what your dreaming up.

  4. Tammy- You didnt miss anything! Colby’s birthday is tomorrow, we are having his party on Saturday. I am yet to pick a winner. As soon as I do, I will post about it! Im being super-undecisive on this one. Its so hard, they are all so cute!

  5. How fun that you will be going away! I am glad to have a few more days. I tried one today and was just not happy with it. When will I *ever* learn not to bake a full batch on the first go around????? AGH!!!

  6. I vividly remember laying awake when my first was 3 and feeling so sad that about 1/6 of her time in my home was gone. She’s now 24 (really??). We’re tight, but I miss the days… Notice and love every day with that precious child!!! S

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