Saturday Confessional…

I am a terribly messy baker.

This just hit me yesterday, as I was baking in my Gram’s little kitchen. I baked a 4 layer cake and cupcakes for Colby’s birthday gig today. I totally destroyed my Gram’s kitchen. Amusingly so. I was covered in flour and melted chocolate, batter had splattered from the mixing bowl onto the coffee maker and microwave. I had cornstarch all over the counter. And a zillion bowls, spatulas and measuring cups were filthy.

Now, I know that part of this scene in my Gram’s kitchen is because its so small. I was out of my element and using a hand mixer instead of my KA. I kept coming too high on the sides of the bowl with the mixer, splattered batter out. However, the rest was just me being a mess! I clean it all up when I am done. But, I think I need to find a way to not be such a messy baker
How messy are you when you bake?


24 thoughts on “Saturday Confessional…

  1. I am a messy baker too. Big time! Thank goodness for aprons, although they only cover so much of one’s body. I actually wrote a blog post about this very thing a while back. It is a big pet peeve of my husband’s. He thinks the solution is to clean as you go, but I’m not convinced.

  2. I am extremely messy! I get stuff everywhere. Luckily I have a four-legged cleaning crew that follows my every move, so stuff seems to get “mopped up” before I even need to take a rag to it πŸ˜‰

  3. I am actually quite anal when it comes to cleanliness when I bake. I clean as I go because I too have a small kitchen (for the time being) so it’s more of a necessity than anything. I like how you got messy with it though! Isn’t that all of our childhood dreams? To go into the kitchen and throw flour around and come out with a four layer cake πŸ™‚

  4. I’m a wicked messy baker. I use about every bowl, spatula, pan I have to make anything. The apron does help to keep my clean, but my poor kitchen is usually the victim with flour, milk, butter everywhere. LOL

    Hope you have a great birthday for the little one. πŸ˜€

  5. I try to clean as I go but sometimes the recipe is more demanding of my time and it just doesn’t happen. Its the worst part of baking… I hate dishes!! But I honestly think the more mess I make the better my baked good will taste. Thats my story and I am sticking to it! hehe.

  6. I’m pretty non-messy. I put ingredients up as I’m done with them and try to only use the one bowl on my KA. I have three baking spatulas and those are the only ones I use (so I wash them a lot in between) I also have a measure all cup that I wash out and dry a ton whilst baking. The kitchen is the only room in my house that’s consistently clean lol Everything else can be a wreck, but I can’t stand kitchen messes. My husband is in constant bewilderment that I can’t seem to use the same concept on the bedroom lol

  7. Oh Lawd, there has never been as messy a baker as me. It ends up looking like a hurricane has hit the kitchen, and me at the same time. It only gets messier when I’m trying new things.

  8. Way too messy! I wish i had a clean up crew that could just follow me around in the kitchen. Well “follow” is not really the right word…there’s not even room enough for me! Ha! Happy baking!

  9. zebe912

    I’m super messy cooking or baking. I only wash something if I need it again for a non-compatible ingredient. I don’t think I have a single recipe that doesn’t have some sort of glop on it somewhere. I stopped making food for a while because I hated the cleanup, but now I have my husband to do it. I love that he’s on board with the rule that if I cook, he cleans. Works for me!

  10. It depends on what I’m making but the deal in our house is I cook and my husband cleans (cos he can only make cornflakes and jam sandwiches!!!), it’s a good deal mostly but I do like to clean my baking stuff myself by hand

  11. Well, it is 9pm here, and I made two batches of cupcakes, plus double icing, this morning, then left for the day. I am afraid to go back in and see where I left blobs of icing, sugar and flour and what I need to scrub. On the other hand, I did get most of the dishes into the dishwasher before we left, so at least a few things were cleaned up right away!
    Oh, and I go through a good half dozen dish towels a day. More on a heavy baking day.

  12. i am THE WORST! my hubby complains about it too. luckily, like michelle, i have a four legged friend who mops up everything that gets on the floor…but that still leaves crap all over the kitchen counters and all the dirty bowls and measuring utensils. i wish i had a kitchen cleaning fairy to come in behind me every time i baked! πŸ™‚

  13. bake?! I make a cup of tea and the kitchen needs a commerical cleaner to get it back to a reasonable standard. come to think of it, when i bake, i end up with more flour on the floor than i do in the mix. then it’s on my feet. and then on the carpet….. and so it goes.

  14. familiabencomo

    Alarmingly clean! Have to with a tiny 1972 “functional” kitchen.

    Have fun with the family & happy birthday to your baby. My baby (5 yrs) just lost her first tooth last night & I was a wee-bit teary-eyed. Give an extra snuggle to your 1 yr old for me!

    xoxox Amy

  15. I’m SUCH a messy baker. I have my apron pinafore, but I don’t wear it because it’s too cute to get dirty. Which them just means that I look like I ended up losing a food fight. I think I could be worse. I do clean as I go along, but since I do tend to use, wash and then reuse every available utensil, bowl and surface in my kitchen… it doesn’t quite seem like I clean as I go along. I drive my mother up the wall. She follows me about when I’m cooking in her kitchen. A wonderful sous chef.

    [PS: you won, slush, dearie.. at least in the partial naming of my stuffed bunny; check my blog for details]

  16. I must say I’m obsessed with aprons (I made cute ones for all my friends this past christmas) and I USE my apron every time I bake, and it’s a good thing I do! Flour and such does go all over but I’m a constant cleaner so I keep it all under control so by the time whatever is coming out of the oven the only thing left to clean are those pans πŸ™‚

  17. I’m VERY floury. It gets everywhere. And I’ve discovered that I need to use a huge bowl when using my hand mixer, or I will spatter dots of batter all over everything!!!

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