Cupcake Hero News


Some exciting things are going on in Cupcake Hero land. Tempered Woman has agreed to come on staff as a full-time Cupcake Hero employee. Thats right folks, TW is now running half the show, so to speak. God help us all! I kidd. I am soooo glad TW agreed to help out on a regular basis. We have 39 entries for February as of this moment! Our old record was 24. I am not sure if this means Cupcake Hero is booming or if people just like liquor. Whatev, we are growing nonetheless and I am grateful for the help. I know TW will bring some much needed smartassness and sarcasm to the mix.

We will be working on getting the new Cupcake Hero space up and running. I am trying to find a design that I love, and we will be set. Hopefully, it won’t be long now.

Next up, is the theme for March. TW and I have been discussing it at length and decided to ask yall. Which them would you like to see in March?

  • Marshmallow
  • Lemon
  • Jelly Bean
  • Red in honor of American Red Cross Month

Suggestions always welcome!


32 thoughts on “Cupcake Hero News

  1. That’s very exciting! I am so bummed that I’m missing CH this month! Grr… stupid online vendor not sending my cola extract…

    For March, I like the idea of Red for Red Cross Month. Jelly Bean would be fun too, or you could open it up to any Easter candy… I love me some Peeps…

  2. TW is a permanent host? EEP!! ::runs and hides::
    Me teasing. Wub you TW! I think you’ll be marvelous! (sucking up early never hurt anybody. LOL)
    As for the theme. what happened to the obvious chocolate choice? 😉 No matter. I vote MARSHMALLOW!! ::chanting::
    Marshmallow Marshmallow Marshmallow

  3. I think I’m going to vote Marshmallow as well, since I still have half a jar of marshmallow cream in my cupboard. I’m sure I can come up with something to do with that!

  4. I’m bummed I missed out this month. I had a good concord grape wine cupcake I wanted to submit. But a sick husband, didn’t give time to make them. =/

    I vote for red.

  5. “come on staff” really? Do I get medical benefits? Is my salary neg.? I demand at least a month’s paid vacay!
    Uhm- I’m pretty sure the agreement was that if I help out every month CH would highlight the alcoholic beverage of my choice? So just to clear things up for everyone the choices are actually Marshmallow liqueur, Lemoncello, Jelly Belly flavors inspired by liqueures, and Red Wine in honor of American Red Cross Month.
    CB- uh huh. duly noted. so going on your permanent record.

  6. hey Jen! I couldn’t find your email address so I’ll just stick it here. Not sure who you used for cola extract? I’ve had a good and a bad expereince with online vendors and might be able to make a recommendation for you. Email me if you need it! temperedwoman at gmail dot com

  7. I wanted to vote for lemon to mix it up from the whole coffee and then liquor.. in my mind it seemed like a serious change. However… I read the puptart’s comment and I agree, lemon should be april for her. And since it’s march and my bday is now…. I can pout over how there is not caramel on this list. *sighs* Maybe next year?

    Oh! I don’t like Marshmallows.. but I’ll vote for them anyways! [Not like I really eat anything I make anyways!]

  8. Mmmmmm jellybean would make me really happy inside. And give me an excuse to eat a ton of jelly beans “in search of inspiration.”
    And think of the colors!!!! Oooh jelly jelly jelly bean. It’s even fun to say! =)

  9. i’m with alison. jelly beans! it’s great that you have a red cross month tho. i don’t think we do such a thing in oz, but we should so maybe i’ll vote for red instead. as for birthday wish lists, as we seem to be putting in requests mine’s in june so i’d be mooooore than happy to have caramel then! or dates. or pecans. or anything really, i just like to eat the cakes.

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