Joy, I love you…


I am seriously bummed that the Pens traded my fav player, Colby Armstrong. I was trying to perk up because it was time to get Liam off the bus. I didn’t want him to see me down. I stepped out the front door and found this…





Joy, I love you… You totally made my day. The smell of these blood oranges was insane when I opened the box. I am shocked FedEx didnt keep them for themselves. I am right at this moment thinking up what to do with them. I did peel and eat one already, they are awesome! I can’t thank you enough. It was so truly sweet of you to send me these blood oranges. Slowly but surely, I am climbing out of that hole I live in. 😉 If you are ever in need of something from Pittsburgh, you just hollar. xo



4 thoughts on “Joy, I love you…

  1. Oh yay! Those oranges look so lovely at your house! They were in my kitchen on Saturday and today they’re in your kitchen! How lovely. Whatever you do with them, I hope you and your family enjoy them! I’m sorry your favorite player got traded. That’s totally not cool. Lame and also, bummer.

  2. I have never had a blood orange either, but that may because I grew up in the hole of Pittsburgh that you now live in 😉 I will have to try them sometime. How nice that this perked up your day!

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